Most cleverest customers!

Disperser released

It's a phase rotator and it's awesome. If you're into that kind of stuff. Check it out!

"It's like audio monosodium-glutamate!"


"We are not sure how it works, but it also has the ability to make clean digital synthesizer sounds become more analog like, it can give that extra depth, or dimension to a sound."


Faturator Rack Extension

Great news for all you Propellerhead Reason users out there. You can now Faturate your sound too!

Faturator RE is available at the Propellerhead Shop.

Faturator 1.002 released

Looking for a way to turn your leads into screaming monsters, or add some extra fatness to your basses? Maybe sprinkle some dirt on your snares, or add some character to a vocal track? Check out Faturator!

"Really easy to use. Loved the 'fuzz' as you can get exact with the tone of distortion. Sounds great on both synths and vocals!"

/David Cox (autoKratz)

"There hasn't been a project recently that I haven't used Faturator in. It's not always on the same sound, group or bus but it always finds a place. Easy to use and sounds great."

/Ben Wilson (DivKid)

Free preset bank from DivKid released

A new free preset pack with 100 new presets provided by electro house producers DivKid is now available! These well categorized presets work well on their own, but also provide a great starting point for experimenting with new sounds.

This preset pack is available for download at kHs ONE's product page. Also be sure to check out DivKid's own demo tracks, available in the kHs ONE demo sound set.

kHs ONE 1.014 Available

kHs ONE is our flagship synthesizer, designed to pack a huge punch without being cumbersome to use. We love it, and our users do as well!

"kHs ONE is amazingly thick sounding, and is quickly becoming my fav new synth. Swedish engineering yet again!"

/James Wiltshire (Freemasons)

"Loving this synth, does a very nice impression of my beloved Juno 60. Can we have a whole Roland 'sound a like' sound bank please?"

/Vern (Stretch & Vern/Reflekt)