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Sweet deals

Modular madness Multipass +17 snapins
Producer Pack Multipass +10 snapins
2015 bundle Snap heap + 17 snapins

Premium plugins

Snap heap Basic snapin host + 5 snapins
kHs ONE Polyphonic subtractive synthesizer Multipass Band-splitting snapin host + 5 snapins Disperser Magic all-pass filter Faturator Dynamics perserving distortion


Bitcrush Simulate lo-fi sound sources
Chorus Enhanced stereo effect
Comb filter Sort out frequencies at intervals Compressor Even out total volume
Delay Echoing effect
Distortion Versatile distortion effect Filter Common filter effects Formant filter Vocal coloring Frequency shifter Dissonant shifting
Gain Volume control
Haas Stereo widening
Limiter Volume threshold
Phaser Pulsating effect Pitch shifter Harmonic shifting Resonator Harmonic resonance Reverb Spatial simulation Reverser Reversed echo
Stereo Width and panning
Tape stop Tape speed simulation Trance gate Programmable gate

kHs ONE was not designed to be a fat analog beast with a massive warm sound. That just happened anyway.

We have put a lot of time and effort into making oscillators and filters of the highest quality which gives kHs ONE a pleasantly warm and analog sound.

Working with professional musicians and producers throughout the development process, we have made sure that the sound meets their high standards.

"The sound is indeed excellent and the price is certainly right. If you're looking to fill out your bass and lead sections with some authentic analogue oomph, this'll do the trick nicely."Musicradar "kHs ONE is amazingly thick sounding, and is quickly becoming my fav new synth. Swedish engineering yet again!"James Wiltshire - Freemasons