Bon Voyage

50 atmospheric presets for Phase Plant.

Electronic dance music producer and Phase Plant power-user, Black Marvin, has plotted a sonic map that will lead you to discover new realms of complex and mysterious sounds. On your journey, you will find 50 Phase Plant presets, divided between The Laboratory, The Pitch Black Cavern, The Prismatic Voices, The Sequencetorium, and The UV Forest. Explore these evocative themes and who knows what treasures (or horrors) you may uncover.


About the author

Francis Bousquet (Black Marvin) is a psychedelic Trance/Progressive Trance DJ/producer based in Montreal, Canada.

A complex and experimental approach has long been a cornerstone of his work, and hardly a project goes by without Black Marvin developing some new idea or technique.

Known for releases on the Sol and Pharmacy labels, and for countless high-profile remixes, Black Marvin is the voice of the unknown.

Black Marvin DJ/producer


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