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I'm really addicted to [Distortion] right now
It's so fucking good
My whole thing is blues rock/funk guitar combined with all kinds of EDM genres and using the [Distortion] plug over an already classically overdriven guitar gives it a really tight and crisp high-end saturation on top. It allows the guitar to compete with brightly mixed EDM synths and production and makes it stand out. The spread function is also a really crucial element here and works amazingly well

[Multipass] is the tool I reach for when I need to be limitless.
— Madeon

[Disperser] is one of those plugins that does something you probably didn't think was possible, until you hear it.
— Nik Roos | Noisia

"Phase Plant by Kilohearts is phenomenal. Having this much flexibility with synthesis has never felt so intuitive."


"This is a really nice synthesizer. I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to learn synthesis."

Mattias Holmgren, Morningdew Media

"Phase Plant is ...a synth that I am really getting into quite a lot because it does a lot of audio processing junk. And it is awesome."


"Phase Plant is incredibly easy to use and sounds huge. Everything is at your fingertips on one page which makes a big difference in your creative process."

Morgan Page

"Absolutely there's Kilohearts stuff! In fact, the ability to send a side chain to Ring Mod is integral to the sound of so many tracks. I send my sine sub to hats/noise/reverbs/etc to get it to go "furr" along with the bass. Can't do that with anything else I've found that gives me that much control."

Mick Gordon

"I am a huge fan of the Kilohearts ecosystem! Their tools and instruments find their way into every one of my projects. I use the standalone effects for really quick jobs, and also to build more complex rack-effects within Snap Heap and Multipass. Which leads me to Phase Plant. A go-to instrument to dial up sounds for quick tasks, but I’ll also spend hours building crazy patches and even load up my crazy Snap Heap and Multipass patches within Phase Plant as part of the fun. This versatility is what makes Kilohearts some of the most powerful and useful creative tools I have!"

Kill the noise

[Phase Plant]
to me is the synthesis revolution I had been waiting for. It has combined almost every single synth I have ever used in such a compact and easy to use interface. This synth has made expanding my sound design abilities the most fun I have had in a long time.
— Nasko

Opened a project, bass sounded thin, didn't know what to do before...
Tried [Phase Distortion] and... FIXED.
Literally my favourite plugins.

"Phase Plant is incredible. I've barely scratched the surface but it's the closest thing i've found flexibility-wise to my modular. [The granular capabilities are absolutely tremendous.] New favourite soft-synth, no question."

Golden Features

"Phase Plant was fundamental for the sound design in my track, Savages. It is responsible for almost every single sound and 100% of the bass sounds you can hear in the song. Listen to Savages here."


"As a sound designer, Phase Plant’s open architecture lets me create nearly anything I can imagine—and as a college professor, it’s an incredible teaching tool for visually demonstrating audio and modulation routing. Far better than a modular!"

Francis Preve

"Snap Heap is the first tool out there that have allowed us to integrate audio fx into the expressive part of a sound. The ability to modulate effects straight from the keyboard via velocity and pitchopens up a new dimension to our sound design process. Most tools out there require us to make a choice, either the hard way with lots of possibilities, or the easy way with the downside of many limitations. The beauty of Snap Heap is we don´t have to make that choice, it manages simplicity without creative restrictions"

Kate Boy

"We have been huge Kilohearts fans ever since we got Faturator. It has been our go to distortion plugin from day one and there is no single production without it. We are also super excited about Kilohearts new synth Phase Plant. With its new modular structure it has been a huge source of inspiration for us and it’s one of the most exciting new synths in the market."

Super8 & Tab

"The Kilohearts ecosystem is one of the most impressive plugin bundles we've come across in a long time. Being big fans of Eurorack we love the modular approach to Snap Heap, Multipass and Phase Plant. Phase Plant is probably the most feature packed all around workhorse synth that we've come across in a long time. We love the fact that you can cross modulate an output of an oscillator into a different oscillator for those wild audio rate sounds. The 'lanes' of the FX section also make it a breeze to keep sub bass mono while processing the upper portions of a bass sound with totally different effects. The entire suite of plugins are very well thought out and we love that the snaps are growing in number."

The Glitch mob

"Kilohearts have done an amazing job with [Phase Plant]. It is incredibly easy to use with everything you need available inside the box. There are infinite amount of relations between modules, Modular Structure, Envelopes, LFO.s, MIDI Parameters, basically everything is controllable and at your fingertips. Within the first few hours of experimenting with PhasePlant, we were attempting to synthesise a bass guitar and out of it made arguably our best Supersaw Reece we ever made - cementing PhasePlant as our main “go-to” synth."


I really like [Tape Stop], I think it's really cool.
It does what it sounds like.
— Ducky

I am a huge fan of the Kilohearts ecosystem! Their tools and instruments find their way into every one of my projects.
— Kill the Noise

[Faturator] is an amazingly simple way to add grit and width and I use it in almost every track.

We really love the simplicity of the plugins. They do exactly what they’re supposed to in such a simple clean way! We’ve used a few in every project since we discovered ya’ll!
— Good Times Ahead

[Multipass] is a multiband everything plugin, and its extremely versatile.
— Mat Zo

I just purchased [the entire bundle] and it changed my life.
The simplistic approach is just perfect!
— Zomboy

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