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I'm really addicted to [Distortion] right now
It's so fucking good
My whole thing is blues rock/funk guitar combined with all kinds of EDM genres and using the [Distortion] plug over an already classically overdriven guitar gives it a really tight and crisp high-end saturation on top. It allows the guitar to compete with brightly mixed EDM synths and production and makes it stand out. The spread function is also a really crucial element here and works amazingly well

[Disperser] is one of those plugins that does something you probably didn't think was possible, until you hear it.
— Nik Roos | Noisia

Server side installer compile for the win!
You rule actually.
— Deadmau5

Opened a project, bass sounded thin, didn't know what to do before...
Tried [Phase Distortion] and... FIXED.
Literally my favourite plugins.

I really like [Tape Stop], I think it's really cool.
It does what it sounds like.
— Ducky

I really love [Transient Shaper]!
I'm a visual person so being able to see the envelope helps me understand how the signal is being processed.
— Kill the Noise

[Faturator] is an amazingly simple way to add grit and width and I use it in almost every track.

[Multipass] is the tool I reach for when I need to be limitless.
— Madeon

I just purchased [the entire bundle] and it changed my life.
The simplistic approach is just perfect!
— Zomboy

[Multipass] is a multiband everything plugin, and its extremely versatile.
— Mat Zo

We really love the simplicity of the plugins. They do exactly what they’re supposed to in such a simple clean way! We’ve used a few in every project since we discovered ya’ll!
— Good Times Ahead