Privacy Policy

Your privacy is very important to us, and this document serves to explain how Kilohearts AB collects and makes use of personal information.

What do we collect?

When you make a purchase through this website, we collect very basic user information from the payment form.

Disclosure of data

Kilohearts has no interest in sharing or selling your data, but we use certain third party service providers for performing functions related to our business. These are:

We also use third party services for our internal communication. While not storing user data in any structured way, names and addresses may be mentioned in our internal communication when handling support issues etc. These are:

Cookies and Tracking

This site uses third party cookies and tracking pixels to anonymously track you for internal site statistics, as well as conversion tracking for our online ads. This helps us understand how our users use our website to be able to improve it and provide the best possible experience.

This tracking is also used for targeted marketing of our products based on the user's activity on our site, so called "remarketing". Third party cookies are provided by:


We are committed to keep your information secure, and reasonable safeguards and procedures are in place to ensure it stays that way.

At no point does Kilohearts AB store or handle credit card information, and all credit card payment details are securely transferred directly between the purchasing client (you) and our payment provider (Braintree Payment Solutions).

All passwords are stored safely according to appropriate security standards using well-tried frameworks.


At Kilohearts we try to be as transparent and accommodating as possible. Feel free to contact us at with any questions or requests you may have regarding the handling of your data.

Last change: 2018-04-11