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kHs Toolbox 24 effects + Snap Heap The Works Everything!


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Premium plugins

Snap heap Basic snapin host + 5 snapins
Multipass Band-splitting snapin host + 5 snapins kHs ONE Polyphonic subtractive synthesizer Disperser Magic all-pass filter Faturator Dynamics preserving distortion


Bitcrush Simulate lo-fi sound sources
Chorus Enhanced stereo effect
Comb Filter Cut frequencies at intervals Compressor Dynamics processor
Delay Echoing effect
Distortion Versatile distortion effect Filter Common filter effects Formant Filter Vocal coloring Frequency Shifter Dissonant shifting
Gain Volume control
Gate Noise floor removal Haas Stereo widening
Ladder Filter Flavorful filtering
Limiter Volume threshold
Phaser Sweeping effects Pitch Shifter Harmonic shifting Resonator Harmonic resonance Reverb Spatial simulation Reverser Reversed echo Ring Mod Multiply and conquer
Stereo Width and panning
Tape Stop Tape speed simulation Trance Gate Sequenced gate Transient Shaper Customize attack character


Q: Where can I download the plugins?

A: We have a single installer for all our plugins, and it also handles updates and stuff. If you have a license key and want to install the plugin, download the installer below and run it. If you don't have a key, download it anyway.

Download installer for Windows
Download installer for OSX

If you want to install your software on a computer without internet connection, use our offline installer instead:
Windows / OSX.

Q: I have a redeem code from another store, what do I do with it?

A: You use it over here. Congrats on your purchase! May your plugins serve you well.


Q: I lost a license key, can I get it back?

A: Yep. You can reclaim lost keys here or you can log in and manage your licenses from there your profile page.

Q: How do I transfer my license to another person?

A: Send an email to and let us know which license you want to transfer, and the email address of the recipient. (Rack extention licenses can not be transfered.)


Q: I bought one of your bundles and now thay bundle has been updated with new cool stuff that I really want. Is there a "returning customer" discount?

A: We have personalized upgrade prizes for anyone who owns some of the plugins in a bundle. You need to log in to see your final prize.

Q: I bought your VSTs can I get a cross-grade deal for the REs as well? And vice versa?

A: Yes you can. But this is a manual process so you need to email with individual requests.

Q: Do you offer an educational discount?

A: Yes we do. We offer students and educators a 30% discount on all our products. Email with proof of your student status.


Q: What payment methods do you accept?

A: We accept Visa, Mastercard, and PayPal.

Q: Can I feel safe when purchasing plugins from Kilohearts?

A: Well yeah. But don't just take our word for it. We are a verified Braintree Merchant, and we fully employ their awesome payment solution.

Q: I have more detailed questions about my shopping experience.

A: You should read our Terms & Conditions, as well as our Privacy Policy. They're a blast.


Q: The sound in your plugins seem more clear and present than a lot of the big name plug-ins, why is that?

A: Why thank you, that's really nice thing to say. Well, we put a lot of time and effort into creating the best sound experience possible, and we never release anything that we are not 100% happy with. We often start out with something that our competition does, and then we work hard to one-up them.

Q: I found a bug. Who should I tell?

A: Email and describe the problem and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We try to answer within 24 hours but, you know, sometimes sooner, sometimes a little later.