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Download installerfor Windows
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The Kilohearts Installer will help you handle installation, updates, trials, and unistallation as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Whenever you buy, or trial, a Kilohearts plugin you will get an email with a personalized installer download link. You should always use those installers if possible to get the smoothest experience. The download is just 1.5 MB, so it's not too bad to download it several times.

If, for some reason, you don't have a personalized installer available, use the download links above. They function the same way, but if your computers hasn't been authorized previously you will need to do so on the first run. There are two methods, either enter an email and then click a verification link sent to that email, OR paste any single valid license key you own.

Either way you do it there are rarely any situation where you need to copy-paste any license keys or stuff like that.

When you select a folder for installation, make sure it's a folder that your DAW is actually scanning for presets.

Normally yes. But there is a special offline installer if you need to install on something like a studio computer with no internet connection. These installers contain all Kilohearts plugins and related content and are therefore naturally much bigger in file size.

Offline installerfor Windows
Offline installerfor OSX

Rerun the installer from time to time and see if there are updates available. Sometimes we publish bug fixes, sometimes it's new features in old plugins!

First up, make sure you own a license for the plugin in question. You can log in at and see all your licenses on your profile page.

If you do own a license run the installer again and click "Enter Licenses" and make sure that your email is in the list of accounts activated for the installer on this machine.

If your email is missing, paste any single license from your profile page in the license field in the installer to connect them. If your email is already in the list but the plugin is not, please try reinstalling.

If it is still not possible to install a certain plugin, you may need to go to the update tab and select the latest version before trying to install the problematic plugins.

If the problems still persist please contact

Many of our retailers sell redeem codes. In order to get your actual licenses you need to enter the code here:

You will then receive an email with installation instructions for your software.

Licenses / Accounts

Log in here at in the top right corner of your screen.

Once logged in, click the user icon in the same spot and then "Manage account".

Whenever someone makes a purchase we create an account stub for that email address. So even if you never explicitly created an account, it is there nevertheless. If you attempt to log in using that email address you will asked to complete your account by validating your email, and select a password.

This account will have your full order history and any licenses you may own in it.

There are two different occations where you might need to validate your email. When creating a user account at, or when running the Kilohearts Installer for the first time and chosing email as your authentication method.

If you are not getting the validation email, please check your spam and trash folders. If you still can't find it, or if the validation link isn't working, please contact

No, unfortunately.

But you are free to create a new account and transfer your licenses from the old account to the new one.

You can always log in to find all your licenses, or you can request a reminder email with all your license information here:

Yes. You are free to transfer licenses to another email via your profile page. Please be aware that for security reasons this feature is pretty light on error messaging. If your transfer isn't working, it is probably because the recipient already has a copy of that plugin.


These are the minimum recommended system requirements for running any Kilohearts plugin:

CPU: 2 GHz or faster

Memory: 1 GB or more

Operating System: Windows (7 or newer) OR Mac OS X (10.7 or newer)

Software: A DAW supporting 64-bity plugins and at least one of the following plugin standards: VST 2, AAX, Audio Unit.

If you use a lot of plugins at the same time, or include many snapins in a patch, the CPU usage will increase accordingly. Thus, we cannot guarantee that the plugins will work flawlessly in all use cases even if your system does meet the minimum recommended system requirements.

All our plugins are 64-bit only. So any DAW that is 32-bit only will not load any Kilohearts plugins.

For SoundMiner users, version 5 now supports 64-bit plugins.

There are extensive manuals for all our plugins that go through each control in detail.

Phase Plant — Online manual, PDF
Multipass — Online manual, PDF
Snap Heap — Online manual, PDF
Snapins — Online manual, PDF
Disperser — Online manual, PDF
Faturator — Online manual, PDF
Carve EQ — Online manual, PDF
Slice EQ — Online manual, PDF
kHs ONE — Online manual, PDF

For tips & tricks and advanced usage please visit our Discord chat. There are plenty of power users there who are almost always chatty!

Kilohearts Discord chat

Or you can join the official Facebook group and ask there.

Kilohearts Sound Designers

Or just ask us at

We don't have an upload space for presets or anything like that, but we have a Discord chat where you are free to exchange content and ideas among peers:

Kilohearts Discord chat

Or you can join the official Facebook group:

Kilohearts Sound Designers


Our payment partner 2Checkout offer all mayor payment methods, and more than a hundred local options as well. Please continue to the checkout page to see your available options.

Yes. Any sales here on are handled by 2Checkout who have an outstanding reputation, and are quick to respond to any problems you might experience.

2Checkout online support
Click here

24/7 English phone support for online payment related issues.
+31 88 000 0008 (International)
‎+1 (650) 963-5701 (USA/Canada)

You should read our Terms & Conditions, as well as our Privacy Policy. They're a blast.

Also head over to 2Checkout to find out more.

We are also happy to answer any questions at


Kilohearts Subscription is an easy way to get access to all Kilohearts software instantly. You will also get instant access to every new plugins as soon as they are released! At a month it will be years before you spend as much as buying all the plugins up front.

Kilohearts also offer a Subscriber reward. Every 12 payments you make you will get a voucher for $100/€100. Those 12 months don't have to be consecutive, and the vouchers stack. So in a sense it's a little like rent-to-own, but you still get something even if you quit early. Speaking of, you can cancel anytime.

All our orders are handled by our trusted payment partner 2Checkout, and so are the subscriptions. If you want to manage your subscription, or cancel, or update your payment info or whatever, log in to 2Checkout here.

Everytime we confirm a payment we will issue a new Subscription license to your account, valid for 35 days. Each time you run a Kilohearts plugin they will sync your licenses automatically. So you don't have to worry about any of this.

A valid subscription license does not require an internet connection. However, with every confirmed payment you will get a new license. If you are online, this new license will be automatically synced to your computer, but if you are offline, you need to paste the new license in the installer about once a month to avoid disruption to your service.

Since the rise of the "rent-to-own" payment plans, a lot of people have asked us for it. The thing with the Kilohearts Subscription is that it's not a fixed product. It keeps growing as we add more and more products, and the retail price goes up a little every time we do so.

So instead of rent-to-own, we have a system where you get a $100/€100 voucher for every 12 payments. Those 12 months don't have to be consecutive, and the vouchers stack. So in a sense it's a little like rent-to-own, but you still get something even if you quit early.

The voucher is valid for any software purchase on indefinately. If you subscribe for another 12 months and still haven't used your voucher, it will be revoked, and replaced with a new one for the previous amount + $100/€100. In effect stacking the value.

There is no contract period. You can cancel anytime.

Log in to 2Checkout here to manage your subscription.

No, but we have something similar. See "Subscriber Rewards" a few questions up.

Log in to 2Checkout here to manage your subscription.

Log in to 2Checkout here to manage your subscriptions and your payment information.

Trouble shooting

Please email

You might also want to ask around in the Discord chat if anyone else has the same problem, or if there's a fix:

Kilohearts Discord chat

Or you can ask in the official Facebook group:

Kilohearts Sound Designers

No, sorry. 64-bit only.

A pretty common problem. There are several things that can be wrong in this case:

1. Installation might have gone wrong.
2. Your DAW is not scanning the exact folder you installed to.
3. You DAW has blacklisted, or otherwise failed to verify, the plugins and hides them until they can be correctly verified.

Please double check that the plugin files are really in the folder you specified during installation. If they are, please check the validation status of the plugins in your DAW plugin manager. Each DAW does it in a different way, so try searching online for how to revalidate, or un-blacklist, plugins for your specific DAW.

If you can't get it running please email and we will be happy to help.

One of the most common issues is trying to enter something that isn't an actual license key. Specifically a "redeem code". These codes are haded out by our retailers, and in order to trade them for a real license you need to redeem them here:

You will then receive an email with installation instructions for your software.

Sometimes stuff breaks. A clean reinstall often helps with most problems. Here's how to do it:

1. Find and delete your entire Kilohearts folder. It will be in different places depending on when you installed. Worst case you might need to delete both locations.

    Windows, old install location:
    Windows, new install location:
    C:\Program Data\Kilohearts

    Mac, old install location:
    ~/Library/Application Support/Kilohearts
    Mac, new install location:
    /Library/Application Support/Kilohearts

2. Download the installer again. See the top of this page.
3. Install as normal.

While this method will very often take care of any problems, there are still some files that might linger. If something is still wrong please email and we will be happy to help.

If you had any Kilohearts plugins installed before running the Slate Installer, there is a small chance that the installers clash a little. Here's how to solve that:

1. Using the Kilohearts Installer uninstall any plugins that are also available from Slate.
2. Rerun the latest Slate Installer.

There might be other reasons and if the above method doesn't help, please contact Slate support first, and second.

Please email

You might also want to ask around in the Discord chat if anyone else has the same problem, or if there's a fix:

Kilohearts Discord chat

Or you can ask in the official Facebook group:

Kilohearts Sound Designers


No, not on individual products, but there are upgrade discounts to our bundles. See below.

Yep, here's how it works. If you own at least one paid plugin for a certain bundle, you will be able to upgrade. Whenever you upgrade you pay only for any plugins you do not already own. The price for each of these plugins is calculated using the same bundle discount as the wkole bundle had initially, as a percentage. So if you were looking at a bundle that had a 40% bundle discount, each product you upgrade to will have that same 40% discount applied.

Sometimes this leads to wierd stuff happening unfortunately. Like if you owned all the available Kilohearts plugins in March of 2019 and are now coming back to see what's new, you might see Phase Plant for , but bundled with some other stuff it might be much cheaper. Well, at least you know why.

So make sure to always log in to see your available upgrade prices.

Yes. Propellerhead will issue 50% cross-grade vouchers by request from us. Email to apply.

Can't be combined with other offers.

In order to be fair, we do what Propellerhead do and give you a 50% cross-grade discount for any VSTs you own in the Rack Extension format.

Can't be combined with other offers.

Yes, we do. 30% off all purchases for all students and teachers. Email with proof of student status. A photo of your student ID is fine.

Can't be combined with other offers.

Depends. Email and we'll talk. But please don't be dissapointed if you are turned down. We have a lot of people asking.


You should email and one of us will get in touch.

If you have talked to either one of us before, don't worry. We will forward your message to the right person.

Please email and we will be happy to help you get started!

Anyone looking to spread the word about Kilohearts, and make some money in the meantime is welcome to contact us about becoming an affiliate. As such you will be able to create customized referral links that will earn you 20% royalties on orders made by customers that found Kilohearts through your links.

Email to learn more.

Please email and we'll talk!