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A sound designer's dream come true...

Phase Plant is an award-winning, semi-modular softsynth developed for music producers and sound designers which offers a unique combination of quality, functionality, and workflow.

Whether you are new to synthesis or a seasoned professional, you will be creating amazing patches in no time. With limitless combinations of generators, modulators and effects available you will be able to discover and refine your own original sound.

A Blank Canvas

When you first open Phase Plant you will be presented with an empty patch. Don't be afraid! This is an invitation to dive in and start creating with all the signal generators, effects, and modulators that you need to make almost any sound you can imagine.

We understand that not everyone will know where to begin so we've included plenty of presets to get you started too...

Ready-to-Use Presets

Professional sound designers have been eager to create factory content for you to begin using right away. Browse over 400 expertly crafted sounds each with customized macro controls for fine-tuning and automation. Search and sort using our keyword hash-tagging system.

We have even included a collection of technical demos showing you how to create certain sounds and effects. Get up to speed with what's possible by going through and learning the essential synthesis techniques.

Take Control

Within Phase Plant, almost every parameter of any element can be tweaked and modulated. Bind any of the macro dials to multiple parameters so you can control and automate significant changes to the overall sound, control modulation ranges and speeds, or adjust effects levels to taste.

Once you discover the power of macros you'll realise the possible uses are endless!

Signal Generation

There are currently four signal generators and a few utility modules available in the Generators column. Analog, Wavetable, Samples, and Noise. Each one is carefully designed to offer the absolute best in quality, performance, and usability.

Add as many as you like, route them freely. Group them. Hide them. Use some of them only to modulate others. Create layered sounds in an instant. Use generator unison, or global unison, or both!

Snapin Host

If you are familiar with the Kilohearts Ecosystem then you'll already know about Snapins, our expanding range of simple and functional effects units which can be used by themselves as plugins in your DAW or combined as modules in any of our host plugins.

Phase Plant includes three lanes to load up your Snapins with different routing options and even a 'Poly' option for per-note effects.

Presets using Snapins you don't already own will still be fully functional but you won't be able to tweak those Snapins.

Modular Modulation

When it comes to modulation, Phase Plant offers unrivalled variety and flexibility with an advanced, yet easy to use, modular modulation system.

Use advanced LFO, envelope, random, midi note, pressure, velocity, as well as min, max and multiply modules in any combination you can imagine to control the myriad variables available in this synth, as well as each other!

All together now

See those numbers and knobs colored in green? Those are "audio-rate modulations", in the same vein as famous FM synths. Except in Phase Plant you can modulate almost any generator value with the output of another one. Try phase modulating a Sine using a Sample as the source. There are even filters and distortions you can modulate at audio rate available in the generators section.

Try it out

Did you not see the small piano icon in the bottom right? Well, it was hiding the piano bar so you can try out your sounds easily while designing, even if you don't have your MIDI controller connected right now. Like on the train?

And then you hide it when you don't need it to get more space for generators, right?


"I'm the type of producer that won't install a plugin unless I'm ABSOLUTELY certain it's dope. When we both saw Phase Plant, we instantly knew it was a game changer. It's without a doubt the #1 weapon in our synth arsenal.

EVERY sound in this track was generated with Phase Plant, and all processing is done with Kilohearts plugins such as Multipass and Snap Heap. Not a single wave file was used!"

ArtistsA_Rival & KJ Sawka

TrackDemo Track1:45

How to buy

Phase Plant is a powerful modular synthesis engine by itself and you can further enhance your sound design capabilities by adding modules from our range of effects. These can be bought individually or in bundles as below:

Combine Phase Plant with a Toolbox

Phase Plant is also available combined with the below Toolbox effects plugin bundles at a discount. Buy now or upgrade later.

Phase Plant + Toolbox STARTER

Read more about the Kilohearts Toolbox STARTER

Phase Plant + Toolbox PROFESSIONAL

Read more about the Kilohearts Toolbox PROFESSIONAL

Free Trial

Kilohearts offers a fully functional 10 day trial on all products so you can make up your mind before spending anything.

Want to know more?

The Generators

Phase Plant currently offers four signal generators; Analog, Wavetable, Sample and Noise. More generators are being developed for future free updates. You can add as many as you like and route them freely between each other. There are also several utility modules to allow you even greater freedom in designing your sounds such as groups, mixing, and aux options.

For each generator group you can add an output module to send the sound to an effects lane, master, or sideband. You can also use a group purely as an audio rate modulation source for any other generator.

That’s right, Phase Plant allows for frequency modulation between all types of signal generation! FM from A to Z!

How to buy

Load up your Snapins

The three effects lanes allow you to load the easy-to-use Snapins you know and love from the Kilohearts Ecosystem as building blocks within your Phase Plant patches. In true modular fashion you simply add and configure the Snapins you need and mix the lanes individually.

Don’t miss that “Poly” toggle at the top of each lane. This enables per voice processing, applying all the effects in that lane to each voice individually, even giving each voice unique random values from the Random modulator.

How to buy

Content banks

Additional presets, wavetables, samples, and LFO shapes for Phase Plant.

"In this track, all synth sounds apart from the drums are made from scratch in Phase Plant, with a rare modification of an existing preset.

I love how incredibly flexible and powerful this synth is. There are many sound engines under one hood, and the amazing Snapins which are pretty incredible on their own. Creating compelling and original sounds is easy as a breeze, and it can serve novice and pro soundmakers alike. Cannot recommend enough."

Alex Karlinsky / Highway Superstar

ArtistHighway Superstar


"HOLY SH*T Kilohearts! Phase Plant is unreal!

There are many plugs l love and I use regularly, but just going thru these presets and getting my hands dirty tweaking them, my mind is buzzing with ideas (and at times happy confusion)!

SO versatile, so raw, so fine! 💪👊❤️🙏"


"Phase Plant quickly became our go-to synth for all purposes, from bass sounds to drum hits and everything inbetween!

Complex layers of sounds that previously needed a painful amount of plugins are now all being created, shaped and FX-ed within one instance of Phase Plant with perfect control over them due to the built-in modulators and Snapin devices."

Camo & Krooked

"Phase Plant is a revolution! It lets me create my own sounds from scratch. Drag & Drop signal generators and combine Kilohearts´ outstanding effects on the fly. It´s all here! in one Box!"

Eddie Thoneick

"My favourite new plugin. Endless possibilities and a very clever UI. The wavetable editor is gonna change the game."


"Awesome! Phase Plant is sounding crazy already."


"It's an awesome tool and has the potential to be my new favourite..."

Mat Zo

"Phase plant is incredibly easy to use and sounds huge. Everything is at your fingertips on one page which makes a big difference in your creative process."

Morgan Page

How to buy