Gathering clouds produce grains of sound.

Cirrus includes 50 presets for Phase Plant

Cirrus is an ethereal collection of ambient granular soundscapes from renowned artist and sound designer Arovane. Building on Phase Plant's granular synthesis engine, and using purpose-recorded samples Arovane contributed to our factory sample collection, this content bank is the ultimate guide to atmospheric, floating, moody, and transformative audio.


About the author

With nearly two dozen studio releases under his belt, numerous EPs and singles, and appearances on multiple compilations, Arovane (Uwe Zahn) can fairly be called a veteran sound designer. Working in styles from Hip Hop to Glitch to Breakbeat, through IDM to Ambient, the emotional power of Zahn's work is the constant – the glue. He has compared the process of composition and sound design to building a vocabulary in a new invented language, every detail containing weight and meaning. Often referenced alongside Boards of Canada and Autechre, Arovane’s sound is characterised by melancholic melodies, advanced textures, and complex polyrhythms.

Arovane Composer


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