Ever-shifting, ever-moving.

Ephemeris, by Venus Theory, is hard to pin down. It shifts and changes as smoke, as light, as fluid, providing sound design surprises and delights in a dynamic and constructive collection.

A content bank making use of many advanced features of Phase Plant, including MPE tools, Ephemeris has as many tones and colors as you have creative ideas. Use it for soundscapes and ambient expression, or for a dash of inspiration in tracks of any genre. It's a must-have for next-level sound explorers.


About the author

Cameron (aka Venus Theory) is a sound designer, musician, and YouTuber based outside of Nashville, Tennessee and is known for his educational work on YouTube, unique production style, distinctive voice, and work with leading companies across nearly all sectors of the music industry.

Generally found tucked away making loud noises, venturing out into the wild in search of samples, twiddling with gear, or plugging away at content production he's usually just as caffeinated as he is obsessed with bringing his next idea to life.

Venus Theory Sound Designer and YouTuber


Poster for content bank ephemeris