Taps into 10 years of expressive sound design, meant to be played with Osmose

Extended Play includes 50 MPE presets for Phase Plant.

Extended Play by Expressive E taps into 10 years of expressive sound design to bring augmented and reinvented versions of preset classics, meant to be played with Osmose and other MPE controllers. This content bank offers a select curation of key sounds, ambient patches, lead and bass essentials, all fine-tuned to take advantage of MPE and expressive controllers.

Rediscover your favorite sounds by playing them in infinite ways using playful gestures and playing nuances. Be one with sound.


About the author

Expressive E is a French electronic instrument manufacturer, whose mission is to reinvent the way musicians interact with sound by forging a seamless connection between artists and their instruments. Its first standalone hardware synthesizer, Osmose, sets a new standard for music expressiveness. It is a playful and easy-to-use electronic instrument that unlocks new ways to control sound via familiar gestures (press, bend, shake, and more).

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