Sounds to raise any roof and put four to any floor.

Headline includes 50 Phase Plant presets.

Including soaring leads, huge synths, EDM brass stabs, woody EDM leads, and exciting sound effects, Headline is a content bank for the main stage. If you've ever roughed out a track and then sat back listening with your eyes closed, imagining the strobes, the ocean of raised hands, the confetti, the lasers, the shots, the sun going down, coming up, then going down again, the regular core-shaking thud of the kick, the rise to the edge of ecstasy, and the epic release of the drop... you've already dreamed in the world of Headline.

Fitting right into the heart of Mainroom House, this bank can be used with minimal tweaking across the myriad styles and sub-styles encompassed by the mega-wide EDM designation. It's hard not to raise the roof. We're serious. Try to fail to be awesome with these sounds. It's tougher than you'd think.


About the author

New Loops is an English sound design label publishing audio sample packs and synthesiser presets in the pro audio market. With a focus on quality and usability, New Loops sounds are used by DJs, producers, music studios, and composers all over the world.

New Loops have worked and partnered with many top audio industry companies; Native Instruments, Propellerhead, Arturia, Akai, Audiotool, Elektron, Kilohearts, U-he, KVR Audio, Beatport, Sonicwire, ADSR Sounds, and more.

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