Hit something, make it go crang.

I'mmortal includes 50 Phase Plant presets, 56 original samples, and 50 bespoke wavetables.

Underneath all the raw and danceable energy, EBM and Industrial are styles which usually have beautiful melodies and unusual sounds to complement the resounding basslines. Named after a Skinny Puppy song, I'mmortal is a bank which offers everything you need to create your own eclectic post-punk experimental electronic collage, with a confrontational edge. Though these sounds are extremely playable and versatile, each one offers a creative challenge, urging the user beyond their comfort zone to new sonic districts of clang and zing.


About the author

Oddiction (Hans Besselink) is a Dutch sound designer and content creator. Initially experimenting with Breakcore and Industrial Hardcore, Hans was influenced by Mr. Bungle, Venetian Snares, Sisters of Mercy, Sun-Ra, and Atari Teenage Riot. Under the name Carnivore, and as half of the producer duo Lords of Dominion, he's been released on various labels including DNA Records, Thorntree Records, and Megarave Records.

Hans's sound design and content creation career stretches back to 2008, with presets in numerous VST instruments and effects. Hans also contributes on the development side, having a hand in some of the leading audio plugin companies in the industry.

Oddiction Sound Designer and Content Creator


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