Anyone can dance with their body. Let the neural rave begin.

Impossible includes 50 Phase Plant presets, with original sample material.

Coined in the early '90s by music press and mailing lists as a point of convenience more than accuracy, the term IDM (Intelligent Dance Music) has been rejected by more or less every artist to whom it has been applied. Defined in large part by oddness – by lack of adherence to obvious or established dance music principles, like for example that there should be a regular beat to dance to – IDM goes against the grain. It's often characterised as being the side of electronic music that's designed to be listened to alone, rather than danced to in a group. Forget your friends. The sound is your friend now.

If there is a coherent sound to IDM, it's glitchy, oblique, dissonant, textured, and crucially very interesting and detailed. So a Content Bank to open the creative floodgates for IDM needs to be expertly crafted. Enter Oddiction, whose eclectic sound design shapes the thuds, crackles, screams, and scratches of Impossible. Treat your brain (and those of your listeners) to a digital rage storm, a procedural minimalist glitch suite, or a boldly compounding atonal fanfare. But whatever you do, don't make it normal. Try the impossible. Surprise yourself.


About the author

Oddiction (Hans Besselink) is a Dutch sound designer and content creator. Initially experimenting with Breakcore and Industrial Hardcore, Hans was influenced by Mr. Bungle, Venetian Snares, Sisters of Mercy, Sun-Ra, and Atari Teenage Riot. Under the name Carnivore, and as half of the producer duo Lords of Dominion, he's been released on various labels including DNA Records, Thorntree Records, and Megarave Records.

Hans's sound design and content creation career stretches back to 2008, with presets in numerous VST instruments and effects. Hans also contributes on the development side, having a hand in some of the leading audio plugin companies in the industry.

Oddiction Sound Designer and Content Creator


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