Hit. It.

Impulse Control includes 100 impulse responses for Convolver, as well as 100 Convolver presets, 5 presets for Multipass, 5 presets for Snap Heap, and 12 Phase Plant presets.

It's not easy to control the impulse to scream with excitement at a collection so vast and creative as this. Impulse Control, by Polish sound designer Navi Retlav, is a cornucopia of convolution possibilities for any music producer or sound designer to enjoy.

Not only are there 100 new impulse responses to use in Convolver – short and long ambiences, delays, and glitchy audio journeys to send your material through – Navi has crafted a huge range of educational, demonstrative, and useful presets, both for Convolver and for the Kilohearts host plugins.

Convolution need no longer be a mystery, nor a small obscure piece of your audio puzzle. It's time to make convolution front-and-centre in your workflow, and crucial to your creative vision!


About the author

Adrian Dybowski is a sound designer, fractal artist, and quality assurance specialist based in Warsaw, Poland.

Working under the name Navi Retlav, he produces sound packs, records samples, and programs various software and hardware instruments.

Adrian has collaborated with multiple audio developers such as Reason Studio, Polyverse Music, Kilohearts, Arturia, Vital Audio, and more, creating sound libraries, sample packs, and presets, as well as impulse responses.

Navi Retlav Sound Designer and Fractal Artist


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