The cat evolved, and is no longer concerned by radiation.

Microwave Proof includes 67 presets for Phase Plant.

"Excessive energy" is an assessment used to shout down a person's inner child. Here at Kilohearts we think inner children should be allowed out to play regularly and with indelible markers.

Camellia's high tempo fizzling sizzling sounds offer the perfect set of disruptive implements, to cause the most mayhem in the stuffy, turgid "real world" as possible in the least time. There are chippy bleeps and bloops, screamy growly basses, varied and mix-ready FX patches, and some of the most creative leads you've heard this side of the moon.

Microwave Proof is the bank for you if you want to burst out of the drudgery of slow, boring, beige music and make some multicolored mess.


About the author

Camellia is a Japanese composer, arranger, and lyricist, who creates liberated, powerful music inspired mainly by EDM but with a wide range of other flavours too.

Camellia's music is very popular in rhythm game communities, such as osu!, Beat Saber, Friday Night Funkin', and numerous BEMANI series titles.

Other notable projects include providing music and remixes for several anime series, Hololive's virtual talent Shishiro Botan, Hololive English members, and Niji Sanji's Ratna Petit.

Camellia Composer, Arranger, and Lyricist


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