Dark, unsettling cinematic soundscapes

OMEN includes 50 Phase Plant presets and 97 samples.

From the darkly cinematic auditory cortices of Ramon Kerstens and Richard Veenstra, the sound design and composing duo known as K/V, comes OMEN. Consider it a forewarning of awesome projects to come.

Rich, deep sample content and presets from the mysterious to the terrifying set the tone for your scoring, whether it's a zombie-hunting video game, a paranoid android thriller movie, or an evening of tabletop gaming with your weird and wonderful party. There are aggressive, futuristic, metallic sounds, disconcerting organic woodland creaks, and unsettling celestial shimmers. And all are controllable and customizable with a range of helpful macro controls and modwheel assignments.

If you need more stressful, worrying, strangely not okay sounds in your life and work, OMEN is the bank for you.


About the author

K/V is a sound design and composition duo comprised of Ramon Kerstens and Richard Veenstra. Renowned for their expertise in crafting sounds and presets, they've made significant contributions across the music industry. Their credits extend across a range of prominent clients, encompassing Toontrack, Native Instruments, Arturia, Steinberg, Soniccouture, GForce Software, and many others.

As composers, their portfolio ranges from movies and ad campaigns to podcasts and radio. Under the moniker K/V, their music may not be your mom's cup of tea, but it's bound to strike a chord with those attuned to innovation and creativity.

K/V Sound design and composing duo


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