An iridescent collection of sounds and effects.

Polychrome includes 18 presets for Phase Plant and 16 presets for Multipass.

A Kilohearts content bank designed by the one and only Andrew Huang. Featuring over 30 presets for Phase Plant and Multipass, this collection will give you a refreshing sip of Andrew's sound, his workflow, his philosophy. Synth leads, pads, basses, FX... multiband processing for electronic or acoustic sources... the creative fun is just about to begin.


About the author

In 2019 Music Radar voted Andrew Huang the Top Music Tech Personality in the World. A Toronto-based musician and YouTuber best known for his prolific output and his “4 Producers Flip the Same Sample” video series, Huang has collaborated with brands such as Google and Disney, composed the World Wildlife Fund’s official Earth Hour anthem, released over 30 albums of original music, and been included in the official ringtones on the Samsung Note 9 smartphone.

His YouTube channel, which now has over 2 million subscribers and a quarter of a billion total views, covers music from every angle, including compositional techniques, hardware and software reviews, and user-generated music challenges.

Andrew Huang Musician and YouTuber


Poster for content bank polychrome