Announcing 303 Day Contest Winners

And the winners are...

To celebrate 303 day this year we ran a fun little contest for Phase Plant users. The rules were simply to create a "303 inspired" patch that was super creative whilst retaining some essential 303 sauce.

We had loads of fantastic entries. It was lots of fun playing with the presets you made and we were very impressed with the variety of new sounds you created whilst still including recognisable 303 elements. Nice work!

We’ve spent the last few days fighting over who we think should be in the top three and we’re pleased to say we’ve finally come to an agreement with minimal bruising and only a small intervention from HR. The shortlist was quite long and it was a close run thing so, if you didn’t win this time, don’t be disheartened. All the entries were great!

The final top three entrants, who will win three Content Banks of their choice each, are Haslo, Fex, and Silent.

Congratulations, genius Phase Plant scientists!

Winners have been emailed to arrange their prizes.You can hear the winning patches and some of our other favourite entries in the short demo below.

We thoroughly enjoyed running and judging this contest and would like to do more in the future... what do you think? Let us know via any of our social media channels and we'll take your feedback on board when planning the next contest.

Kilohearts Press Team Sunday, March 3, 2024


Winners and shortlisted presets

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