All Kilohearts Products Updated to Version 1.8.5

This update brings a few improvements and bug fixes as well as some significant new features.

From today you will be able to update all your Kilohearts software to a new version via the update tab in the Kilohearts Installer.

This update brings a few improvements and bug fixes as well as some significant new features. Most notably, we have added more options and controls to the Unison settings. We’ve also made a VST3 version available... but that’s not nearly as interesting as all the awesome new Unison stuff.

The full changelog is below but first here are the juicy bits...

New Unison Modes and Controls

The first thing you will notice is that the layout of the generators has changed a little. To make more space, we’ve hidden the Unison and the sampler’s Loop sections away when not in use. And we’ve added Unison to the sampler module.

Now… the really exciting additions are the new Unison modes. Eighteen modes are now available in total, grouped into ‘Unison’, ‘Creative’ and ‘Chords’. Each of these modes will multiply the source in different and sometimes surprising ways.

Let’s hand over to Cameron to show you more.

Full Changelog


  • Added VST3 support
  • Fixed a problem where some popups were canceled by clicking outside them when they shouldn't be.
  • Fixed a problem where the "edited" asterisk in the top bar was not removed properly when saving.
  • Fixed a problem where config files could become corrupted and get stuck in this corrupted state.

Pitch Shifter

  • Added an option for Latency compensation allowing more compensation at the expense of more latency, or no compensation to get zero latency in the dry signal.

Snap Heap & Multipass

  • Fixed a problem where ADSR envelopes sometimes did not update the state of their gates as the threshold level was adjusted.

Phase Plant

  • Added multiple Unison modes, allowing both more control of regular Unison as well as additional creative and chord Unison modes.
  • Added support for Unison on the Sample generator module.
  • Added "Normalize Global Peak" and "Normalize Frame Peak" fixes in the Wavetable Editor
  • Added "Center" and "Range" knobs to the Note modulator allow tweaking of the range
  • Reworked the layout of the generator modules to give more space to the displays, and hide away complexity when not used.
  • Fixed a problem that caused modulation envelopes to not get retriggered at the correct times in monophonic patches.
  • Fixed a problem where Gain and Mix was not modulated properly on Poly lanes.
  • Fixed a problem where browsers would not understand files with the wrong extension case.
  • Fixed a layout issue that could cause the status bar to go off-screen when the preset browser is open.
Kilohearts Press Team Tuesday, June 16, 2020


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