Black Noise - The Sound Of Mátra

We are excited to present an experimental, free Content Bank inspired by Fekete Zaj Festival (“Black Noise” in English), organized in the highest Hungarian mountain, Mátra. For its 15th anniversary, Fekete Zaj Festival has turned its location, the Matra hills, and its topographical forms into wavetables, which have been used to create these Phase Plant presets.

This campaign has been created and executed by Hungarian full-service advertising agency, Mediator, with a little help from Kilohearts. Check out the interactive BLACK_NOISE web page to find out more.

The Fekete Zaj Festival and Matra are inseparable. This is not only because of the event's location, Mátra-Sástó, which provides a pleasant mountain atmosphere, but also because of the beautiful surrounding nature, which creates an exciting contrast with the niche music programs of the festival.

But what kind of sound can this particular black noise actually be?

Darkrock, blackmetal, drone-ambient, industrial, post-punk, sadcore, techno? - all of the above!

Such are the sounds adored by the headliner bands and the festival fan community, which are tied together by the need to break away from conventions and by the love of dark tones.

This 20-piece preset collection with unique patches created during the official collaboration is now available for free, so all Phase Plant owners can use it and play the experimental sound of Mátra mountain in their music all over the world. It also includes original nature field recordings from various Mátra locations.

The various presets in this bank have been made based on the terrain in cooperation with the bands performing at the festival, to promote the summer programs. The sound map is also available on the festival's website ( so anyone can experiment with it.

Make some noise and try out the experimental sounds of Mátra!

The Phase Plant presets featured in this bank are:

  • Arrival at the Fest in Mátra-Sástó - Let's start at the origin!The festival takes place in the middle of Mátra mountain inMátra-Sástó, which provides a nice nature atmosphere mixed with a dark industrial ambience.
  • Deep Quarry of Recsk - Tough and raw sounds like excavating stone in Recsk forced labor camp in the communist era.
  • Windblow above Galyatető - Wind blows faster and stronger at a height of 965 meters.
  • Thermal Eruption Parádfürdő - Hot stuff which breaks up from the depths like thermal water.
  • Mátra Powerplant - Hungary’s largest coal-fired power plant has a dark industrial atmosphere.
  • Greenfields of Bagolyirtás - Imagine yourself in a field full of flowers in the middle of nowhere.
  • 1014 Meter Altitude of Kékes - The highest point of the country in Mátra mountain. The tune speaks for itself.
  • Mountain Shaman Song - Druids in the deep dark forest sing an invitation to the festival.
  • Warhorn of Mátra - There are no Vikings here, but the horncalls to battle.
  • Abasár Wine Drops - Juicy and tasty wine grows on the sunny side of the hills, it’s a gourmet piece of soundwave.
  • Dead End Village: Bodony - Tune has to come to an end, hasn’t it? And repeat.
  • Beauties of Mátraszentimre - A lovely village full of soul-soothing beautiful voices.
  • Mátra Originals - The true topographic waves of Mátra.
  • Night in Károlyi Castle - Back to the classicist and eclectic style of the 19th century for one night.
  • Mátraderecske Mystic - The settlement’s name speaks for itself with its mystical forest atmosphere.
  • Shadows of Sirok - You see in it what you want. After the sun goes down.
  • Forest Flutes - Playful as a flute, catchy as always.
  • Serpentines of Mátra Rally - It goes around and comes around at the deadliest pace.
  • Happy Oxygen in the Air - Open-air festival needs oxygen to party free and unlimited.
  • Farewell from Mátra-Sástó - The music stays with you after the festival too.

Also included in this bank are the actual field recordings from the festival location and, of course, the wavetable made from the mountains themselves. Enjoy playing with The Sound Of Mátra!

Kilohearts Press Team Monday, May 6, 2024


Black Noise Content Bank

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