Grab a Free Winter-themed Content Bank

Grab a free new Content Bank with glad tidings of the season from us all here at Kilohearts.

Up here in Sweden, winter won't be ignored. It gets us all in its chilly grip, and wraps us in darkness and (with luck) snow. So there's no better time to stay in and design sounds.

But what kinds of sounds? Well, wintery sounds of course! With the help of our Discord community, we've put together a new free Content Bank, containing dozens of Christmassy and otherwise brumal Phase Plant presets. Here's the link to download it:

Just download the file, and then drag-and-drop it onto an open Phase Plant window to install.

And as an added bonus, I've made a two part video while working on my contributions.

George Reece Product Specialist Friday, December 18, 2020


Sonoae Borealis

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