Introducing Phase Plant's new Granular Generator

One of the most requested feature updates to Phase Plant is now here. Say hello to your new Granular Generator and prepare to have your mind blown into tiny little pieces!

Unlock the power of granular synthesis and unleash your creativity

Update now and you will find the new Granular Generator available within the generator section of Phase Plant. This fully-featured, yet simple to use, granular synthesis engine can be loaded with any sample you like and benefits from all the usual advantages of being integrated into our award-winning modular synthesizer.

Go ahead and load up multiple Granular Generators in one patch, then combine them and cross-modulate them with any of the other available generators to create captivating and diverse sounds. And that's before you even think about adding effects and modulation.

Elevate your music with exceptionally dynamic and expressive instruments

We’ve included every parameter you could need in a granular synth and made them fully tweakable. This allows you to truly dial in the perfect sound and then bring it to life with modulation, automation, and external controllers for fine control and emotive performance possibilities.

Check out the manual for a full breakdown of the available parameters, such as Grain Envelope specifications, pitch and phase, randomisation of grain position, timing, pitch, pan, level, and more, as well as clear explanations of how to use our unique key-tracking and phase-alignment options.

Explore new and exciting rhythmical soundscapes

There are three grain spawn timing modes available; Rate, Sync, and Density. Launch those grains with precise frequency up to 5 kHz so they become tones or sync them up with your project tempo so they hit right on beat.

Or go completely the other way and make things so random that all sense of time dissolves and you become lost in an unpredictable maelstrom of sound.

Mesmerize your listeners with rich, evolving harmonies

Switch on Chord Mode to begin triggering your grains at different pitches from a variety of available chords.

Set the range in octaves (or fractions of octaves) and choose to play notes at random or in sequence for beautiful harmonic clouds of sound or soaring sequences.

Revolutionize your workflow with lightning-fast, on-the-fly sample editing

As part of this update, we’ve added a new Sample Editor tool. You will find this by clicking the pencil icon in the Granular Generator, Sampler Generator, or Convolver.

The Sample Editor allows you to quickly snip, slice, fade, and preview your samples in real-time as you develop your patches. No need to fire up any other software to get your samples in perfect condition for some Granular fun times.

Be inspired by new granular presets and samples

We’ve included a handful of new factory presets to give you just a taste of what is possible with this new update. Use them as they come or deconstruct them to learn how to build your own unique granular masterpieces.

You will also find a selection of new samples from Arovane and Oddiction, perfectly suited to being broken into tiny pieces and put back together into epic patches.

Phase Plant owners can enjoy this incredible update right now… for FREE!

As always, this is a free update for all existing Phase Plant owners. All you have to do is run your installer (which you can download here) and click ‘update’ to immediately open up a new universe of sonic possibilities.

If you don't already own Phase Plant but you've read this far... maybe it's time to join the ranks of innovative music producers and sound designers using Phase Plant to push the boundaries of audio creation and pick up your license today.

All aboard the grain train!

Kilohearts Press Team Wednesday, April 5, 2023

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