Introducing Nonlinear Filter

We are very excited to let you know about Nonlinear Filter, the latest in our range of effects plugins.

So what is a nonlinear filter?

Well, it's a special kind of filter that colors and distorts the signal due to internal nonlinearities...

That's the boring explanation. A more interesting way to describe it would be as a dirty filter that gets nastier the more you drive it. Allowing for more analog sounding, expressive and dynamic filtering effects.

Nonlinear Filter offers eight different modes, ranging from familiar circuitry responses to new and unheard filter types that go beyond analog, each of which can be progressively driven to reveal its own peculiar magic. As part of the Kilohearts Ecosystem, it can be combined with other Snapin effects and modulated at will in any Kilohearts modular host; Phase Plant, Multipass, or Snap Heap.

The best way to find out exactly what this little unit can do is to try it out for yourself with a free ten-day trial. But do it fast as the intro offer will expire on the 16th of March!

Kilohearts Press Team Tuesday, March 9, 2021

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