NewLoops on philosophy, kinky modulations, and usefulness

NewLoops, author of three awesome Kilohearts Content Banks, is here to discuss work, play, and Phase Plant

NewLoops, author of three awesome Kilohearts Content Banks, is here to discuss work, play, and Phase Plant:

Q – Hi there. Thanks for joining us. How're you doing?

A – Hello there, I’m very well thank you.

Q – NewLoops covers a lot of ground, from bass music synth presets to cinematic sound fx packs. Is there a single philosophy/ideology that ties together or underlies everything you do? What is, and what isn't, a NewLoops project?

A – I don't think there's really a unifying philosophy, apart from the fact I take pride in my work. Everything I make has to be useable and useful. I don't like fillers or wacky experiments. I've always strived for quality over quantity. I do realise how cliché that sounds, too. haha

Q – Which of your past projects are you particularly proud of? What are the projects so far which best represent you?

A - That's a great question! Of course, I am proud of the work I do for Kilohearts, past and present. I've also worked with some other names you'd recognise. I'm happy to have worked with u-he on presets for Hive 2, and some audio demos for Hive. Another big project I've done was to supply Reason Studios with about 50 sound packs for their subscription service. I've also done stuff for Native Instrument's Sounds, and recently partnered with Landr to provide samples for their new download service.

There are a few others too, and I've enjoyed all the sound design work I've done, but I think I would have to say the work I do with Arturia has been an important step for me. From presets and sound banks for Pigments, to the factory library of V Collection, and sounds for things that aren't even release yet, Arturia keep me very busy! I'm always interested in new projects though, but it has to be appealing to me, like a new Phase Plant content bank, George. ;)

Q – You've made 3 Kilohearts Content Banks (so far), Hardwire, Headline, and New London. How would you describe them? Why should people get them?

A – I’ve done 5 Phase Plant preset packs in total so far if you include the 2 I sell on my website. Out of the 3 I made for Kilohearts, 2 were genre-specific packs (Headline/New London) requested by Kilohearts. The aim was to make usable sounds which can be loaded up and put in a track without much fuss.

The other pack (Hardwire) was my own idea. I wanted to show off Phase Plant in a more analogue, organic way. I employed techniques to emulate older hardware synths like pitch drift, noise, and instabilities. These sounds are less in-your-face, and more expressive.

Q – Obviously these are predominantly preset collections for our semi-modular synth Phase Plant. But you make sounds for lots of different instruments. What aspects of an instrument make it attractive to you? What are you looking for in a sound design tool?

A – I get inspired by modulation options (kinky, huh?), endless choices, and limitless possibilities. I don't like limitation. I want to be able to do what I want, when I want. Complete creative freedom. Having said that, I do also like a clear direction. Even just an indication of the style, or genre can help get the ideas flowing, and a project started.

Q – Are there any new/emerging technologies or ideas in synthesis/sound design that you're excited by?

A – New and unique technologies don't come around too often in synthesis. We are still using a lot of stuff that's been around for decades, but being able to combine different synthesis techniques in one instrument opens up the possibilities. Mixing wavetables, samples, and analogue oscillators can give you unique sounds.

Q – What's most important for someone working in sound design professionally; innate creativity/talent, technical skill/knowledge, or something(s) else?

A – Pure determination, stubbornness, and a penchant for isolation and hard work! lol That's my blunt advice, but something a little more helpful might be: Technical skill/knowledge first. You can be the most creative person in the world, but if you don't learn the tools inside out, you won't be able to do anything with it. Knowledge is power.

Q – What are the characteristics of a "good" sound for you, whether it's a sample, a preset, or whatever? What are you listening for before you say "I've nailed it!"?

A – Usability. I don't make sounds I couldn't use. I was a DJ and music producer before a sound designer. In fact, I still make audio demos every month and many of them are like mini songs, so the sounds have to work in the context of a track or piece of music. Of course, some sounds will be experimental and exploratory, but the vast majority have to be useful.

Q – Are there any lifestyle/educational pursuits that you think are good for a sound designer? What do you do, besides designing a lot of sounds, that helps you become an even better sound designer?

A – We stand on the shoulders of giants. So I am not ashamed to say I will listen to other people's sounds, be it in films, or other presets, or in songs, and I will draw inspiration from that. As for lifestyle, I believe a simple, uncomplicated life will lead to better sounds. Tidy house, tidy mind.

Q – Are there any artists, producers, composers, film/game studios etc. out there doing exciting sound design work that you would recommend we check out? Anything that's inspired you in the past?

A – You've likely heard it, but check out the Mr. Robot soundtrack by Mac Quayle. Gritty synths and soundscapes. I'm so glad film and game scores are moving away from full orchestral and more into electronic sounds. That's the direction I find myself moving in also.

Q – If you could freely choose how to spend your time over the next ten years – no pressures or worries, financially, personally etc. – where would you look to take your career? What would you like to do that you don't already do?

A - Nothing. I am doing it now. I have my dream life. Cool, huh? :)

Q – Thanks so much for your time! Is there somewhere people can find out more about NewLoops and keep up to date?

A – As I enjoy philosophy, this has been immensely fun. Thanks for asking me. If anyone wants to hear more of my work, it can all be found over at, where my own presets and sound packs are available to buy, all with free demo packs to download. Sign up to the newsletter. Thank you and good health to all. :)

New Loops is an English sound design label publishing audio sample packs and synthesiser presets in the pro audio market. With a focus on quality and usability, New Loops sounds are used by DJs, producers, music studios, and composers all over the world.

New Loops have worked and partnered with many top audio industry companies; Native Instruments, Reason Studios, Arturia, Akai, Audiotool, Elektron, Kilohearts, u-he, KVR Audio, Beatport, Sonicwire, ADSR Sounds, and more.

Kilohearts Press Team Friday, March 4, 2022

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