October Multipass Preset Design Contest

Check out the results of the Multipass Preset Design contest we ran recently and be inspired...

We recently ran a little contest to see who could come up with the most fun and interesting Multipass preset to use on a basic beat that we made. All the entrants had to do was send us the preset so we could check it out and pick a handful of winners to get some tasty Kilohearts merch.

We received a stack of awesome entries and had lots of fun playing with them and demoing them on our last live stream, where we also announced the winners. In the end, we were able to select three winners, who will get their merch in the post soon, and three “honorable mentions” who get… well, they get an honorable mention!

The Winners

  • Finish the Song by sanjeaux
  • Melodic Sequence Generator by Adam Schneider
  • Multipass Entry [See Description] by mostrino

Sanjeaux and Adam Schneider's presets worked their magic, completely transforming our humble beat into something entirely novel and unanticipated. Monstrino's entry, on the other hand, retained elements of the original but elevated it to new heights with some ingenious embellishments. The results were nothing short of mind-blowing!

Congratulations to the winners. We’ll be shipping some Kilohearts merch to them very soon. Thanks for the truly inspiring presets.

The Honorable Mentions

  • mangled techno musings by INFINITY X OBLIVION
  • meow mix, 16oz. just add bass by AQUASINE
  • Superluper by XTD

These entries were truly outstanding, coming very close to clinching the top spots. Notably, AQUASINE's creation deserves special recognition for ingeniously incorporating an animated cat within an LFO Table. In all, we received a wealth of remarkable entries, and selecting the top three was no simple task. We'd like to extend our commendations to these exceptional entries and applaud the remarkable work displayed by all participants.

Oh, and, in case you're not signed up to our marketing emails for some reason... you can currently get $50 off Multipass using the magic code BIGBADABOOM at checkout. The magic runs out in a few days so don't miss out. 

Watch all the top entries in action below and download all the presets here.

The three top entrants have won their own Kilohearts merch so they can look sharp on the streets, on the beach, or just chilling in the studio. 

Download the Presets

We hope everyone who took part had fun designing their mad Multipass presets. Keep an eye out for the next contest. And don't forget to download and explore all the contest entries yourself.

Kilohearts Press Team Thursday, October 12, 2023


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