Celebrating Two Years of Phase Plant

Would you believe it... Phase Plant is TWO YEARS OLD? Find out how we are celebrating the anniversary this year.

Happy Birthday, Phase Plant!

They grow up so fast.

What better way to celebrate the anniversary of the launch of our beautiful baby, award-winning, semi-modular synth than to have a big sale and a cool gift for all Phase Plant users.

Phase Plant 2nd Anniversary Sale

From now until the 7th of June (Midnight CET) you can save on Phase Plant, selected Toolbox bundles, and Toolbox upgrades.

The Following discounts are available.

  • Toolbox ULTIMATE for $349 (reg. $499, save $150)
  • Phase Plant + Toolbox PROFESSIONAL for $199 (reg. $349, save $150)
  • Phase Plant + Toolbox STARTER for $129 (reg. $199, save $70)
  • Phase Plant for $99 (reg. $169, save $70)

Make sure you are logged in to see your personal Toolbox upgrade offers at the bottom of this post or on the Phase Plant page.

Phase Plant Buyer Coupons*

In addition to the above offers, we are now giving all first-time buyers of Phase Plant a bonus $30 coupon to put towards any purchase from our website. The minimum spend is $19 so you can use your coupon to bolster your collection with an extra effect plugin or Content Bank for FREE if it costs less than $30. Or put it towards a bigger shop. Your call!

Brand new FREE Content Bank - "Grattis 2021"

To celebrate the 2nd year of Phase Plant's existence we bothered a bunch of our favourite Phase Plant using artists and sound designers to see if they could contribute some of their personal patches for a FREE Content Bank to share with the Phase Plant Gang.

Download Grattis 2021 and simply drag and drop into Phase Plant to install.

It turns out that they were a generous bunch and we've ended up with this epic collection of over 140 Phase Plant presets from the likes of Arovane, Dash Glitch, Mr. Bill, Venus Theory, Databroth, Nurve, Nomine, Gigantor, emptyvessel, Black Marvin, Chee, Everything Must Go, ALCKEMY, SeamlessR, Man Makes Noise, INHUMAN, Mussar, Sine Authority, Composing Gloves, LOBOTIX, Ill-Esha, Wobby Funkel, Oddiction, Letsynthesize, Flintpope, Mat Zo, Camellia, STRANJAH, Glorkglunk, Humjunkie, Nick Spann, NEONLIGHT, Navi Retlav, Moekel, Tyr Kohout, DNB Academy, Equivalent... to name just a few.

There is a huge variety of patches in here, including a disproportionate number of reese basses.

You people really seem to love making reese basses in Phase Plant.

That's cool.

You will also find epic pads, screaming leads, wobbly keys, cinematic effects, wubs, yoys, and much more.

So please help yourself to Grattis 2021 (drag and drop into Phase Plant to install) and have fun exploring the creations of these talented noise-makers. Thanks to all who contributed. This got way bigger than we anticipated.

And thanks to everyone who has joined the #phaseplantgang over the last two years and continued to surprise us with the amazing things you are doing with this synth.

We hope you've enjoyed the improvements and new features we've added since the launch and we're certain you're going to enjoy the updates we have planned for you.

Watch this space.

* Phase Plant Buyer Coupons are emailed automatically to first-time buyers of Phase Plant (by itself or as part of a Toolbox bundle) purchased directly from the Kilohearts website. This does not include the Kilohearts Subscription. Coupons do not expire, require a minimum cart value of $19 before being applied, and cannot be combined with other coupons or discounts.

Kilohearts Press Team Tuesday, May 25, 2021


Grattis 2021

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