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Kilohearts software has become a secret weapon in the game audio sound design world with numerous leading game studios and indie devs making smart use of the Kilohearts Ecosystem of hosts and effects... find out why.

Kilohearts software has become a secret weapon in the game audio sound design world with numerous leading game studios and indie devs making smart use of the Kilohearts Ecosystem of hosts and effects plugins for designing everything from spacecraft and plasma cannons to footsteps and natural ambience, not to mention the vast range of vocal processing possibilities. 

Why do Game Studios Choose Kilohearts?

We’ve been speaking to several professional game audio sound designers to find out what makes our tools just right for the job. We’ve had a few answers that are consistent across studios as well as some unique case studies. Here are a few reasons why game audio people are increasingly turning to Kilohearts software. 

Everything Included - With Kilohearts Ultimate you have every tool you need to create high-quality game audio assets without having to dig around in your plugin folders or fork out for missing pieces. Our free Kilohearts Essentials collection already includes over thirty effects!

Easy to Use - With our consistent design and clear controls that do exactly what they say they do it is very easy to start dialling in the perfect settings on any of our range of effects, even if it’s one you’ve never used before.

Creative Freedom - Our modular host plugins make it easy to craft the perfect sound for your project by combining and modulating all the available effects. You can be incredibly intentional with your sound design, or play around and enjoy discovering unique new sounds. 

Ultra Clean Synthesis - Real-world recordings can come with a lot of unwanted noise and ambience. Removing the noise can also ruin the sound. With Phase Plant, you can use various synthesis options to fill your sounds back out in a cleaner and more controlled manner, whilst preserving the natural flavour of the original recording.

Total Control - With the ability to modulate every parameter, one or many at a time, with a variety of modulators, macros, and utilities, you can be incredibly precise with your sound design.

Easily Create Variations - With the ability to randomise any parameter as much or as little as you like, it is very simple to generate batches of variations of individual sounds to use in your games and avoid repetition. 

No Fuss Hand-Offs - Your effects chains can be saved entirely within a Snap Heap or Multipass preset to be used in any other DAW on any other machine with exactly the same results. This means you can easily hand off projects to other team members to generate extra assets or localise dialogue without worrying about compatibility issues. 

It's in the Game

There are literally endless possibilities when it comes to making and processing sound in the Kilohearts Ecosystem. Here is just a tiny selection of ideas for game audio sound design, which you can also see and hear in the video below.

Swoosh Generator - This is a simple but very useful concept. Using just white noise, filters, and automation you can generate many varieties of swooshes, from a tiny gnome throwing punches to an aircraft flying by.

Plasma Cannon - As beautifully demonstrated in this Sound Design Snack, you can design all manner of futuristic weaponry in Phase Plant by combining and modulating a few key elements. 

Inhuman Voices - Being able to combine multiple effects of your choosing and use the Audio Follower to modulate them allows for very creative vocal processing. Whether you want ground-shaking demons or cute little faeries… Snap Heap can get the results you need.

Sample Variations - Sometimes you have the perfect sample for an action in your game, but there’s a problem. Using the exact same sound repeatedly is unnatural and can pull the player out of the experience. Luckily, you can use Snap Heap or Multipass to create multiple subtle (or not-so-subtle) variations by throwing in some Random modulators to alter various parameters on each pass. 

Low Mid Rumble - Dangerously close to cliché, but likely to continue to be used because it sounds great and serves a practical purpose… there’s a ubiquitous “Low Mid” enhancement effect that can be easily achieved using Disperser in combination with other effects. We talk a bit about it in this Sound Design Snack.   

Hacker Level Sound Design - Once you’ve got the hang of Phase Plant and it has truly become an extension of your creative mind… you’ll be able to build generators for almost any sound you can imagine, with the ability to capture endless useful variations for your next epic game project!

Up Your Game Today

Join the legions of professional sound designers who are already fulfilling the extensive requirements for game audio and hitting deadlines without sacrificing creativity by using Kilohearts software to get things done. 

We’d love to list the studios that we know are already ahead of the game but, as you’re probably aware, there are a lot of non-disclosure clauses in the game industry and we’d have to leave some of the biggest names off the list… so we’ll just leave you to speculate whilst you give our stuff a ten-day trial and see what we’re talking about for yourself. 

Kilohearts Press Team Tuesday, October 3, 2023

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