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How does the subscription work?

Kilohearts Subscription is an easy way to get access to all Kilohearts software instantly. You will also get instant access to every new plugins as soon as they are released! At $ 9.99 a month it will be years before you spend as much as buying all the plugins up front.

Kilohearts also offer Subscriber Rewards. Every 12 payments you make you will get a voucher for $ 100. Those 12 months don't have to be consecutive, and the amount will stack. So in a sense it's a little like rent-to-own, but you still get something even if you quit early. Speaking of, you can cancel anytime.

If you want to manage your subscription, or cancel, or update your payment info or whatever, check your profile page.

Everytime we confirm a payment we will issue a new subscription license to your account, valid for 35 days. Each time you run a Kilohearts plugin they will sync your licenses automatically. So you don't have to worry about any of this.