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What are the Subscriber Rewards?

Since the rise of the "rent-to-own" payment plans, a lot of people have asked us for one. The thing with the Kilohearts Subscription is that it's not a fixed product. It keeps growing as we add more and more products, and the retail price goes up a little every time we do so, which makes any kind of payment plan a little strange.

So instead of rent-to-own, we have a system where you get a $100 coupon after 12 payments. Those 12 months don't have to be consecutive, and the coupon value increases for every further 12 payments. So in a sense it's a little like rent-to-own, but you still get something even if you quit early.

You can log in and find up to date info on your Subscriber Rewards program on your profile page.

Subscriber Rewards coupons cannot be combined with other coupons or promotional discounts.