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kHs Toolbox 24 effects + Snap Heap The Works Everything!


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Premium plugins

Snap heap Basic snapin host + 5 snapins
Multipass Band-splitting snapin host + 5 snapins kHs ONE Polyphonic subtractive synthesizer Disperser Magic all-pass filter Faturator Dynamics preserving distortion


Bitcrush Simulate lo-fi sound sources
Chorus Enhanced stereo effect
Comb Filter Cut frequencies at intervals Compressor Dynamics processor
Delay Echoing effect
Distortion Versatile distortion effect Filter Common filter effects Formant Filter Vocal coloring Frequency Shifter Dissonant shifting
Gain Volume control
Gate Noise floor removal Haas Stereo widening
Ladder Filter Flavorful filtering
Limiter Volume threshold
Phaser Sweeping effects Pitch Shifter Harmonic shifting Resonator Harmonic resonance Reverb Spatial simulation Reverser Reversed echo Ring Mod Multiply and conquer
Stereo Width and panning
Tape Stop Tape speed simulation Trance Gate Sequenced gate Transient Shaper Customize attack character

Press release 2013-03-15 Faturator Rack Extension


kiloHearts enters the Rack Extension scene with Faturator RE

Linköping, Sweden (March 15 2013) - kiloHearts, developer of audio software for Windows and Mac, has announced the release a Rack Extension version of their acclaimed saturation/distortion unit Faturator.

"What Faturator brings to the table is a really fast way of tuning the character of a sound, bringing out more crisp and clarity, focusing on a specific tone or, for that matter, just totally destroying it with distortion", says Anders Stenberg, CTO. "Considering the positive response we have gotten about the VST/AU versions of Faturator it was really a no-brainer to make it available as a Rack Extension as well"

Faturator is a saturation/distortion unit, providing effects ranging from subtle warm saturation to harsh digital fuzz. On top of this, included coloring and stereo widening allows for changing the character of the sound in a quick and easy way. Contrary to many distortion effects, Faturator will preserve the dynamics of your sound and apply its effects on it regardless of input gain.

Like all kiloHearts' products, focus lies on ease of use while providing powerful functionality at a low price point. Faturator's simple user interface puts all controls at the fingertips of the user, making it easy to quickly find the sound you want. "A lot of plugins these days try to compete with feature lists, often forgetting that they're part of a creative process", says Per Svanberg, developer and co-founder. "We want to isolate the most important parts, and make them as quickly and easily accessible as possible."

About kiloHearts

Kilohearts AB is a small development studio focusing on development of software synthesizers and effects. The company’s mission is to help more people get their hands on professional quality audio software that is easy to use, without compromising quality and power. Based in Linköping, Sweden, Kilohearts AB currently employs three people.

Pricing & Availability

Faturator RE is available now in the Propellerhead Shop at The product can be purchased for €15 / $19.


Press Contact

Anders Stenberg
Phone: +46 (0)70 275 24 61