Call it the Neuronomicon, if you dare.

Book of the Dead includes 60 presets for Phase Plant.

From video games and film scores to studio production and major festivals, Jake Stanczak a.k.a. Kill The Noise has done it all. With a flair for the furious and a taste for the terrifying, Book of the Dead represents a sound world inimitably of Jake's creation. Snarling filtered basses, eerie organs, arpeggiated harpsichords, growls, screams, whoops, groans, and howls. Every sound is expertly hand-crafted using the full power of Phase Plant to summon the spirits of departed party-goers.

You could call this Content Bank dubstep, and you wouldn't be wrong. But you'd be missing the full scope of its cinematic creepiness. It's a crossover between the realms of the now and the never, between the ashes and the dust, between the living and the dub.


About the author

The music of Jake Stanczak, better known as American producer and DJ, Kill the Noise, was born out of an era where Ridley Scott imagined dystopian futures on the silver screen, and artists like NIN and Aphex Twin rocked MTV.

Getting creative in the studio with the likes of Seven Lions, Skrillex, Deadmau5, and Tom Morello, and contributing to film scores and OSTs, including “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” and “XXX -Return of Xander Cage” in collaboration with top composer Brian Tyler, Stanczak's long standing career in electronic music never stands still.

Kill the Noise Producer and Sound Designer


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