Blink meets Bass in this genre-melding Content Bank

This Is Future Punk!!1!! includes 50 presets for Phase Plant.

Born in the pop-punk frenzy of a new millenium, and infused with the highlights of electronic music innovation since, Future Punk represents a fusion of styles, a blending of energies, and a warp through recent history.

Agent Method's take on this new genre mix is both aggressive and refined, with gutsy guitar and bass sounds as well as complex synth manipulations. One moment you're smack in the middle of dubstep, the next you're shooting fisheye music videos at the skatepark.

This bank is for anyone who ever had a neon headband, a studded choker, a backwards baseball cap, or a chromed animal mask. This is wonderfully inclusive, yet strangely specific. This is Future Punk!!1!!


About the author

"It's my job. I twist knobs."

Born at a very young age in Northern Virgina, Agent Method (Darrick Atwater) became a sound designer, producer, engineer and a comedic content creator in the greater metropolitan area of Atlanta GA, when he got larger.

Musically raised in the DMV's pop-punk/emo/rock scene of the early aughts, Agent Method pulls some of his influence in sound design and music creation from the musical influencers of that era. Combining those ideals with modern synthesis from barrier breaking genres like dubstep (melodic/tearout/riddim), future bass/trap EDM, and neo-throwback genres like synthwave, he is currently building a crossover genre called "future punk". Agent Method creates tons of content and sounds for major audio companies like Slate Digital, Kilohearts, Sonic Academy, Korneff Audio, Make Pop Music, Cherry Audio, and others, and is building effects and plugins of his own creation.

Agent Method Sound Designer, Producer, and Engineer