Eight Amazing Third-Party Content Banks

Sure, we’ve got a few of our own Content Banks to sell you… but we also love to see third-party banks appearing in the wild. We decided to highlight a few of our favourites for you.

Sure, we’ve got a few of our own Content Banks to sell you… but we also happily encourage anyone else with the skills and the inclination to create Content Banks of their own. 

We even built the Kilohearts Bank Maker app (available for Windows and Mac) to help you compile fully integrated Content Bank files that users can drag and drop into our plugins and add to their Content Bank collections, complete with fancy header graphics!

We love to see third-party banks appearing in the wild. For this blog post, we decided to highlight a few of our favourites. 

Dash Glitch - Orbital Resonance

Master of psytrance production and YouTube thumbnail design, Dash is one of the original Phase Plant Power Users and has been teaching us all some amazing tricks for making incredible sounds in the Kilohearts Ecosystem for a few years. We highly recommend checking out his YouTube channel for a number of great videos about the Kilohearts Ecosystem and other production tips. 

We already have one Dash Glitch bank in our own store (Astral Beings) but more recently Dash released a bank of his own that is pretty incredible. 

“Orbital Resonance is the ultimate Psytrance preset pack for Phase Plant, it contains 100 presets ranging the full-gamut of staple and unique sounds for your next Psytrance track. Orbital Resonance - Gold Bundle comes with an extra Bitwig Project.”

Check out Orbital Resonance

Venus Theory - Apocryphia (FREE)

Yet another Phase Plant Power User with a talent for sound design and top-quality YouTubing, Cameron, aka Venus Theory, combined his own sampling skills with Phase Plant's highly functional Granular Generator to create this amazing, and free, cinematic preset pack. You can also find his MPE-ready Ephemeris bank in our own store.

“Blending the worlds of contemporary cinematic sound design, modern action cues, granular synthesis, and the unrivalled capabilities of Kilohearts PhasePlant semi-modular synthesizer ecosystem Apocryphia is a content bank designed to bring a bit of Hollywood into your next production.”

Get Apocryphia for FREE now!

Alckemy - REQUIEM

Alckemy’s exemplary sound design talents are a perfect match for Phase Plant’s modular freedom, allowing him to create amazingly original and creative patches like the true Power User that he is. 

With REQUIEM, he takes a unique approach to creating patches that can have a wide range of uses just by hitting keys and tweaking macros. Perfect for sampling those happy accidents.

“Requiem is my latest preset pack that is a fresh take on my latest sound design processes. Although it is a departure from the aeturnum series, I’ve found a workflow to turn a single patch into an entire sound library! With randomly generated hits, you’ll have an infinite source of phrases and expressions that you can use to get pads, basses, percussion, impacts, etc just by turning some knobs.”

Experience REQUIEM now!

Sine Authority - Lush Response

Fellow Swedes (and Power Users), Sine Authority, is a duo of sound designers with a penchant for captivating and responsive sounds that work well with expressive controllers… making them an ideal fit for Phase Plant.

The Lush Response bank lives up to its name with a number of beautifully articulate Phase Plant patches, specifically designed for live performance with a low CPU footprint and high expressiveness.

Transcend into a world of ethereal sonic enchantment, where warm, lush and immersive sounds transport you to distant galaxies and vivid audio landscapes.”

Check out Lush Response now!

New Loops - Granularity

New Loops has been using Phase Plant powerfully for some time now and has been a regular sound designer for our range of genre-themed Content Banks, including Hardwire, Headline, and New London, as well as extensively contributing to our factory presets.

They’re also well known for their own preset and sample collections, including their latest offering, Granularity. This was released shortly after the Granular Generator was added to Phase Plant and wastes no time in making use of the new capabilities this update provided. 

“Experience the next level of sound design and exploration with Granularity! These new Phase Plant presets provide an array of organic, ambient soundscapes, lofi textures and experimental atmospheric synth sounds, with 50 professionally-crafted presets. From emotive pianos and keys to lush, cinematic strings, deep evolving atmospheres and dynamic sound effects, this sound pack will bring your music to life. Embrace the power of granular synthesis and create something truly special.” 

Check out Granularity for Phase Plant now!

XTD - Hundreds of Phase Plant presets

XTD is a well-known name in the demoscene… scene… and has been creating electronic music for a long time now. We’re pleased that he found a good match with Phase Plant’s open architecture and his limitless creativity. You could say his use of Phase Plant is “Powerful”. 

He’s been putting out preset packs via Sound7, currently totalling more than 1000 patches that you can find via the link below.

Marvel at the XTD presets today!

Joel Blanco Berg - Incredibly Realistic InstrumentPresets

Some say there is no user more powerful than the legendary Joel Blanco Berg. Having risen to sound design fame for his incredibly realistic motor engine simulation presets, Joel has turned his wizard-like talents to creating hyper-realistic instruments in Phase Plant. His magic is not based in samples but in masterful use of wavetables and modulation. The results are truly spellbinding. 

At the time of writing, there are eight incredibly expressive instruments available from his store, with more being added regularly. If you’d like to learn more about Joel’s approach to preset design, you can read our interview with him. 

Visit Joel’s Shop and experience the Magic!

Black Marvin / Fractal Sounds - Sludge for Multipass

Whilst not wishing to overuse the term “Power User”, there’s really no better way to describe Francis, aka Black Marvin. His work on the Carta Content Bank, available on our own store, was fantastic and he’s continued to provide his expertise to craft more preset collections for Fractal Sounds and Black Octopus.

This particular bank is for Multipass, rather than Phase Plant, just to mix things up a bit. It showcases the ridiculous range of custom filters that can be built with this multiband beast.  

“Sludge is a powerful set of filters utilizing the full power of the Kilohearts ecosystem. This preset pack is great to carve massively into your sounds and inject different textures and movement.”

Get grungy with Sludge for Multipass!

Bonus - Nasko Patreon Presets

Nasko is a power user through and through and was responsible for one of our most popular Content Banks, Bass Forge, which forged Phase Plant’s reputation as the ultimate tool for creative bass music sound design.

He has since made a name for himself by developing some truly inventive Snap Heap “Racks” that can be used within Phase Plant or as effects on any other source in your DAW. These include N-BASS, N-COLOR, N-SPECTRAL-SCALER and more. 

All are available exclusively from Nasko’s Patreon, along with other cool tools and lots and lots of lessons from this scientist of sound design. Not technically a Content Bank but a worthy addition to this list, for sure.

Visit Nasko’s Patreon Page and sign up!

That's it for this post! We hope you find this list of great Content Banks valuable and find some cool sounds for your next project. If you’ve released your own Content Banks, or have spotted any others you would recommend, be sure to let us know via our socials or any other points of contact so we can check them out too.

Now go make some music!

Kilohearts Press Team Tuesday, October 31, 2023

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