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Content Banks


All the different types of Content used within Kilohearts plugins can be compiled into Content Banks. A Content Bank can contain any Content Types, or mixes of different types, but they are typically grouped for a particular purpose. Like a set of Impulse Responses for convolution, or a set of Phase Plant presets by a particular sound designer.

Content Bank

You can find Content Banks published by Kilohearts on the Content Bank page. But there are third party banks available througout the internet too.


The installation process differs between the official banks that are distributed by Kilohearts, and third-party banks.

The first category are installed just like the plugins, using the Kilohearts Installer. These banks require a valid license key (or the Kilohearts Subscription) to be usable.

Install third-party bankThe third-party banks come in files ending with ".bank" and you install them by drag-dropping the file on any running Kilohearts Host Plugin.

The Bank Maker

If you are looking to compose your own Content Banks you can! Download the Kilohearts Bank Maker below.

Download for Windows
Download for Mac
Kilohearts Bank Maker