Introducing Shaper and Shaper Table

We are very excited to announce TWO new additions to the Kilohearts Ecosystem of plugins in the form of Shaper and Shaper Table. It's time to shape waves like you've never shaped waves before!

Shaper is a waveshaper plugin that takes each sample in your audio and remaps it to a new value based on a custom curve. This can result in anything from subtle saturation to total annihilation of your signal, and everything in between.

Shaper Table takes the concept to exciting new dimensions by allowing you to use a wavetable as the source for your shaper and scan through various shapes to create unique, evolving sonic variations.

Both are available as regular VST/AAX/AU plugins to use in your DAW of choice but, naturally, become ridiculously overpowered when combined and modulated with other effects as Snapins in any of our modular Snapin Hosts.

The Shaper of Things to Come

Both Shaper and Shaper Table come with a selection of read-to-cook factory shapes and wavetables but, of course, you can also load up the respective editors to get super control-freaky and design your own custom shapes and tables.

The Shaper effect plugin remaps the amplitude of the waveform to a new value, with the incoming value on the x-axis and the remapped value on the y-axis. A straight 1:1 ramp will leave the signal unchanged. Any other shape will warp and distort the signal in all kinds of interesting ways.

You can draw your own shapes directly in the interface (this is a neat new feature you will find in other plugins too!) or use a pop-out remap curve editor for more detailed customisation.

Shaper Table takes things to the next level by allowing you to load a wavetable of 256 remap curves instead of just one! These can be edited using our much-loved wavetable editor, allowing you to create your own custom morphing waveshaping magic.

The video below should give you an idea of what these gnarly little units can do, but the best way to understand what is possible with these two new additions to the Kilohearts effects collection is to give them a try. They each come with a handful of presets to get you started and show you just how much power they can bring to your custom creations.

That's not all!

As part of the release of these two new amazing effects plugins, we have also released a general update to all of our software to version 2.2.0 This update includes some general fixes and improvements, along with a significant upgrade to your curve editing workflow across the Kilohearts Ecosystem. More on that to come...

What are you waiting for?

Shaper is FREE for everyone as part of the Kilohearts Essentials collection and available for everyone with a Kilohearts account to start using immediately! Shaper Table is priced at a respectable $39… but if you're quick, you can get 50% off during our intro sale, which expires at midnight CET on March 24th!

Now go forth and shape those waves!

Kilohearts Press Team Tuesday, March 19, 2024

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