Phase Plant's Fifth Anniversary!

Join us as we celebrate another year of Phase Plant awesomeness with a short retrospective, a sale, and a special giveaway...

It’s hard to believe that five whole years have passed since we welcomed our baby monster, Phase Plant, into the world. But it’s true. To mark this occasion we will be rewarding five lucky souls with a LIFETIME Kilohearts Subscription. Find out how to be in with a chance of winning at the end of this anniversary blog post.

In the Beginning

Phase Plant was officially released on May 30th, 2019. We had poured our hearts and many hours of our lives into building our vision of the ultimate software synthesiser, and this was an incredibly exciting time for us.

The first hint at the imminent arrival of Phase Plant…

We had hoped for a decent reception and, in the end, we were blown away by the overwhelmingly positive feedback from all the early adopters. Encouraged and filled with enthusiasm, we vowed to continue our work to ensure that Phase Plant was the best it possibly could be.

Phase Plant was a big hit with Andrew!

Oh How You’ve Grown

Over the last five years, we have continued to upgrade and improve our modular machine FOR FREE with new features and workflow enhancements, including a significant update to v2 in 2022, which provided a bumper crop of new modulation options, and the addition of a fully-featured Granular Generator in 2023.

A myriad new dimensions of sound design added with one single generator!

The free updates and our dedication to improvement and optimisation have played a significant part in ensuring that Phase Plant is considered to be one of the most future-proof investments into your music production and sound design journey that you could ever make.

Unexpected Side-Quest

One thing that has taken us a little bit by surprise is how popular Phase Plant has become in the game audio industry. It wasn’t planned, but it turned out that the modular architecture and intuitive workflow our synth and other software offer fits perfectly into the sound design processes of many game studios, big and small.

Creating that ubiquitous "low-mid rumble" sound in Phase Plant.

As it became clear just how many game audio sound designers were using our products for their work, we decided to dedicate some of our own time to investigating how we could be even more helpful in this industry. This has led to many interesting meetings and collaborations with studios and sound designers that evidenced over the coming months, starting with our first-ever “Game Audio Week” in June. Look out for more info on that…

You can read this blog post for a quick look at some of the ways that our software can be used for game audio sound design.

Feeling the Love

Here we are now, five years later, and Phase Plant has grown into a strapping young synth and a firm favourite among music producers and sound designers around the world. But don’t take our word for it, let a few of them tell you themselves.

We asked some of the Phase Plant power-users that we knew about to tell us what they think of Phase Plant and got a the following responses...

"When I first saw the pre-release version of Phase Plant, I saw the potential of a user-friendly ever-growing modular synthesizer. Kilohearts has proven time and time again that sticking with Phase Plant as your be-all and end-all sound generator is as futureproof as it can get."  Nasko

"Phase Plant is my go-to when I want to breach new sonic ground. Whenever I have a crazy idea, like “What would ten sine wave oscillators in an FM chain going through twenty randomly automated flangers sound like?”, Phase Plant can do it all in the box."  Virtual Riot

"The great thing about Kilohearts tools is that you can keep it as simple or as complex as your mood allows. With each new update, I never feel overwhelmed only excited for another toy to play with, or obsess over depending on what feels inspiring to me."  Kill the Noise

"Phase Plant is one of the main reasons I fell in love with Kilohearts’ plugins. Because it’s so smart, well-designed, versatile, and even stable - yes I know it’s rather hard to accomplish - after I got it, it’s always there. I’ve been playing around with it, made the first for-sale synthesizer patches, and written the first blog posts about synthesizers. Wow, it’s been there for such a long time with me huh! Since the release, it essentially became the window that I face no matter if it’s in the morning light or the silence of night. It’s been awesome, and I’m still always looking forward to the update too. Please add playable DOOM in the next update! Jokes aside, I’m really glad to meet this amazing life-changing synthesizer they made. Happy 5th anniversary, Phase Plant!"  Camellia

"Phase Plant is incredible for its unmatched versatility, effortlessly blending multiple synthesis methods. The modulation system offers endless creative possibilities. It's not just great for starting tracks; the number of times this plugin has saved us by delivering that ONE sound to elevate our productions is countless!"  Black Sun Empire

"Phase Plant has been my primary weapon of choice since 2019. Their ecosystem altogether is unmatched and always gets me excited to sound design and sometimes make full loops in a single patch. There's something in the water out there in Sweden I swear."  Chee

"Phase Plant to me feels like a synth tool that has allowed me to replace every single component, but in such a practical CPU friendly way that it became an everyday thing in my production. I mean in many situations producers do think about how heavy some machinery is for workflow, so Phase Plant comes like like magic, versatility and stability wise. As for sounds and modularity, it is a top tier swissarmy knife from pads, stabs, leads, bass, to outerbounds sound design all automate-able."  Billain

"Phase Plant is by far my most used plugin after Snap Heap. I started using it because the 'everything in one' nature of it was attractive, but it's still my go-to sound generator because it can be almost anything you want it to be. The best thing about it is the workflow, which once you get to know the ins and outs, is really quick."Mat Zo

"Phase Plant is like a Swiss army knife, but that Swiss army knife also has an infinite number of Swiss army knives inside it, and those Swiss army knives are made of the most insane sounds you’ve ever heard in your life."  LAXX

"Whenever I need a synth I always find myself reaching for Phase Plant instinctively. The work and signal-flow in Phase Plant is just frankly unmatched. Want endless amounts of LFOs and Curves? Phase Plant's got you. Want multiband processing so you can chorus the highs but leave the lows alone on one specific selection of oscillators and FX? Phase Plant’s got you.

PhasePlant just matches my production brainflow perfectly, can't recommend it enough!

P.S. Check out my patches in the factory soundbank."  Protostar

"So grateful that I took the time to learn and conquer the Phase Plant workflow. Hands down the most powerful synth in my arsenal. I started using Phase Plant because I was very curious and it had a lot of hype from my peers. I still consider this my go-to synth for many reasons, the incredibly endless possibilities, the constant improvements through updates, the incredible details added to the sampler and granular generators. I could go on and on about how this synth changed sound design for me!"  Kompany

"Phase Plant has quickly become my go-to synth. With its almost endless modulation, I can get lost in crafting sounds without any limits, and they keep making it better and better!"  Modestep

"Kilohearts are our daily go-to plugins that we can't live without. It doesn't matter if it's for sound design or some mixing tasks - the Kilohearts bundle has all the necessary tools. The team keeps bringing innovations, and we really look forward to what they will bring in the future."  Teddy Killerz

"Phase Plant is capable of amazing sounds and has been an endless playground since the beginning thanks to its modular nature. The UI is brilliant for making things as complex as you like while keeping navigation easy."  Andrew Huang

"Phase Plant is the modern synthesis platform that continues to not only blow my mind, but evolve into something constantly more and more powerful thanks to the support and additions in the Kilohearts Ecosystem.

Not only is it an absolute horse for musical sounds - it's about as comprehensive as it gets for complex sound design and expressive synthesis.

Whenever I need anything synthesis-related, my PP is almost always the first thing I grab"  Venus Theory

"Phase Plant changed the way I create sounds. When I first started using it it was such a breath of fresh air. It felt as if there were very few limitations holding me back, from the freedom of the modulation and unlimited FM routing system to the huge stacks of effects that you're able to load inside the plugin. The precision and usability is unmatched while still being incredibly straightforward and easy to understand. It has also evolved at an incredibly rapid pace, I'm excited to see what the future holds!"  Dash Glitch

"The journey inside Phase Plant is to see the boundaries of what you thought was possible vanish. It’s also the exact addictive feeling that keeps bringing you back!"  Black Marvin

"For me, Phase Plant never fails to impress. I love to begin with an empty canvas and sculpt my sonic mischief from the ground up. The entire Kilohearts Ecosystem is a true pleasure to work with, it's super intuitive and an inspiring creative environment. The only limitations are those of one's imagination."  Oddiction

"I’ve used Phase Plant since the start, five years ago. It immediately impressed me with its sound, flexibility, excellent wavetable editor, slick modulation system and very open-ended sound design possibilities. The features that have been added since have cemented it as one of my go-to synths for deep, expansive exploration and experimentation. Phase Plant is the synth I’ll reach for that just lets me do what I want to do quickly and easily. And, importantly, it’s fun!"  emptyvessel

"The modular concept convinced and fascinated me from the very first moment. If I have a sonic idea, no matter how crazy, I can implement it with Phase Plant."  Arovane

"Phase Plant surprised me with its possibilities, the freedom with which you can create sounds, the lack of limitations - each element can be controlled, changed, etc. Combined with Snap Heap, it gives you the opportunity to create sounds that no other synth can offer.

Each synth has its own unique character and no single synth will cover all needs. However, if I were to recommend only one, most universal synth, it would be PhasePlant."  XTD

"Phase Plant is simply my favourite software synth of all time.  It immediately sounds great with a very basic setup but also readily opens up an entire world of modular synthesis without being needlessly opaque and annoying - a huge achievement in UX terms alone.  It's found its way into everything I do from indie game soundtracks to weird sound design experimentation - unlike other synths I actively enjoy making complex patches with it.  You can do plenty of things with this synth that shouldn't be allowed - I give it sixteen granular wavetable clown horns out of five."  Nervous Testpilot

What a lovely bunch of Phase Plant fans!

Celebrate Good Times, Come On!

So, what are we doing to celebrate this milestone?!

Well… For a start, we are running a special time-limited sale on Phase Plant with 50% off until the 7th of June (Midnight CET). This is a perfect opportunity to pick up our much-loved synth for just $99 and join the legions of music producers and sound designers who are already creating their own unique sounds. Don’t miss it!

Perhaps more excitingly, we are also running a special giveaway in which FIVE lucky winners will get LIFETIME access to the Kilohearts Subscription. Yup, that’s right. The five winners in our giveaway will have full access to every single plugin and Content Bank that we have now and every single plugin and Content Bank we release in the future for the rest of their lives!

How To Enter the Giveaway

To be in with a chance to win the incredible prize of a Lifetime Kilohearts Subscription, we want you to show off your Phase Plant skills and share the results on social media.

Videos of Phase Plant being used in context and shared on YouTube, Instagram, or Twitter/X that tag @kilohearts and include the hashtag #phaseplant along with a “Happy Anniversary!” message will be eligible for entry. All valid entries will be reposted and we will decide on the five winners based on how cool/interesting/original/funny we think they are.

Entries will be accepted from now until Friday the 7th of June. We will announce the winners on our own social media channels the following week and contact them directly to arrange their prizes.

PRO TIP: You can enter more than one video. Go wild!

Please be aware that there are scammers out there who may attempt to hijack this giveaway by pretending to be us. We will never ask you to fill out any forms or supply any information other than the email address for your Kilohearts account if you are a winner. Only trust the official Kilohearts channels and be careful out there!

If you want to enter but don’t own a license for Phase Plant you can get a free ten-day trial via the Phase Plant page on our website.

What's next?

We promised to keep on improving Phase Plant and the Kilohearts Ecosystem and we are sticking to that promise.

As some of you may have spotted at our stall at Superbooth recently, we already have some very cool things in the pipeline that we hope to reveal in full later this year. After that we have an endless list of ideas that we can't wait to get on with. Who knows what kind of behemoth we will be dealing with in another five years time... we bet it will be an awesome one though!

Finally, we want to thank every single Kilohearts user for your encouragment, fanatisism, creativity, and support over the years. It is the icing on the cake to see the wild and genius things you lot are creating with our software and you continuously inspire us to keep on making more and more wonderful tools for you to work with.

Thank you! ❤️

Kilohearts Press Team Thursday, May 30, 2024

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