Phase Plant Fifth Anniversary Giveaway Winners

Find out who the winners are in our Phase Plant Fifth Anniversary Giveaway!

As part of the Phase Plant Fifth Anniversary celebrations, we ran a fun little giveaway where we asked Phase Plant users to share videos of Phase Plant in action and be in with a chance to win a Lifetime Kilohearts Subscription. It's been really difficult to narrow these down but we have finally settled on the five winners...

Before we look at the winners we must say that every entry was great. We have seen some incredible sound design work, really impressive music production, and a variety of unique presentation styles. We'd like to share them all with you but there won't be space in this blog so we'll just share the winners and invite you to check out all the entries on their respective channels.

If your entry wasn't a winner, don't take it to heart. There wasn't a single poor entry, but we had to whittle it down a bit! Ultimately, our winners stood out with a combination of their unique use of Phase Plant, exceptional skills, and captivating presentations.

And the Winners Are...

Here are the top five entires in no specific order. All of these have won a Lifetime Kilohearts Subscription!

WINNER! @christian_brinkmann_ on Instagram with some fascinating examples of unique Phase Plant performance... including one that used an actual plant!

We were very intregued by Christian's use of motion tracking to perform with Phase Plant patches and hope to see more of this.

WINNER: Jay (@Jays_TreeDee on X) earned lots of bonus points for effort and comedy value with the Phase Plant sound design speed run he tweeted us about. 

It was worth the effort because Jay now has all our software for life! 

WINNER: Knomada (@itsknomada on X) also tickled us with their entry, which not only showcased Phase Plant but also made us hungry for pizza.

Great work. Banging track. Tasty pizza. Nom!

WINNER: @AgentSecret24 on X with this epic chiptune track using a stack of Phase Plants.

Maybe it's just because we're mostly middle-aged old farts in the KHS office but this chiptune stuff really pushed our nostalgia buttons. Well done!

WINNER: XTD with a series of increasingly unhinged YouTube videos including this lovingly presented bit of chiptune (again!)

And somehow ending up here...

This one in particular has been an earworm for days... now it can be yours too. You're welcome.

The creativity, skills, and enthusiasm of XTD totally won us over. Congrats!

Huge congratulations to our winners above who will all be experiencing the joy of a Lifetime Kilohearts Subscription each so they can continue to make amazing stuff with Phase Plant and all our plugins and Content Banks for ever and ever and ever.

Well Done Everyone

It was genuinely difficult to pick out just five from all the awesome entries and some infighting may have occurred at Kilohearts HQ over the who the final winners should be. We've settled our differences now and cleaned up the mess. Hopefully none of the scars will be lasting.

You can find all the entries on this YouTube playlist, our Twitter retweets, and these Instagram highlights. We'd love to share them all in this blog but there are so many so please check them out on those channels and give the artists who made them a like and a follow.

Congratulations to everyone who entered. The entries were astounding and we've had a lot of fun running this. We hope you did too!

Kilohearts Press Team Thursday, June 13, 2024

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