Tremolo is old news. Try this instead!

Try this twist on a classic to knock 30 years off the grandparent of guitar effects.

Among the first ever standalone electronic guitar effects was the DeArmond Tremolo Control in the 1940s. Modulating amplitude of a guitar signal in time to create a wibbly-wobbly atmosphere predates even reverb and delay – it's one of the essential tools in the savvy guitarist's utility belt.

But folks... someone's gotta say it. Tremolo has been around nearly 80 years. It predates Peter Frampton. It's gotten a little done.

With a simple twist, you can freshen up this dusty relic of a sound and bring it right up to date. Or into the early '70s at least. Ok, maybe the late '60s. But it's fun in any case!

Instead of simply modulating the volume of your guitar track, take a Ladder Filter snapin, and modulate its cutoff frequency with Snap Heap's built-in tempo-synced LFO. With a little resonance and some rugged saturation, you can create a wibbly-wobbly effect in multiple dimensions. It works great on synth parts too.

Add a little lightness with Phaser, and you've got a colourful, ethereal sound which won't take up too much space in the mix, and won't sound like a rockabilly jukebox standard.

If, however, your fondest wish is to sound at home in a roadside diner, disregard this message. It's your life, and you must live it the best way you can. Godspeed!

George Reece Product Specialist Tuesday, January 26, 2021

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