Mind the gap. Drum & Bass for a New London.

New London includes 50 Phase Plant presets.

From Camden Lock to the Streatham High Road, from Putney Bridge to the Blackwall Tunnel, these sounds bring a New London down to earth with a kick, snare, shuffle, kick, snare.

50 Phase Plant presets on the harder, darker side of Drum & Bass, especially suitable for Neurofunk and Techstep, but also good for Jump Up. Featuring classic-sounding patches alongside more modern, boundary-pushing ideas, New London will get you started on a deep dive underground. Just don't forget to come up for air once in a while. It can get pretty deep down there.


About the author

New Loops is an English sound design label publishing audio sample packs and synthesiser presets in the pro audio market. With a focus on quality and usability, New Loops sounds are used by DJs, producers, music studios, and composers all over the world.

New Loops have worked and partnered with many top audio industry companies; Native Instruments, Propellerhead, Arturia, Akai, Audiotool, Elektron, Kilohearts, U-he, KVR Audio, Beatport, Sonicwire, ADSR Sounds, and more.

New Loops Sound Design Label


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