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The Kilohearts Ecosystem

With Kilohearts plugins the total is more than the sum of its parts. That's why a lot of people are looking to get the full collection. Whether you wish to pay up front, or subscribe-to-own, is up to you.

Kilohearts Subscription

All our plugins and Content Banks for one small monthly fee. Includes Subscriber Rewards in the form of a $100 coupon every twelve months you are subscribed.

Kilohearts Toolbox Ultimate

All Kilohearts plugins with a bundle discount. Total value . Content Banks not included. Smaller Toolboxes are also available.

Before you decide, why don't you try all the software out?
10 days at no cost, and no commitment.

The Hosts

Looking past the EVERYTHING options above it’s possible to pick and chose your favorite parts. You’ll generally want one or more Hosts, and then a selection of effects to go with them. Kilohearts host plugins are the modular factories where you can combine and modulate your Snapin effects to create anything you can imagine.

Phase Plant

A hybrid modular synth with three effects lanes for hosting your Snapins. Also available with Toolbox combos.


A band-splitting modular Snapin host. Can also be loaded as a Snapin within other hosts.

Snap Heap

A serial/parallel modular Snapin host. Can also be loaded as a Snapin within other hosts.

The Effects

Kilohearts effects plugins can be loaded as regular effects in your DAW or loaded as Snapins within any of our host plugins (see above).