Operating the controls
Snapin mode


Faturator is a distortion plugin with a unique sound and tunable distortion, as well as stereo widening possibilities. In contrast to many common distortion effects Faturator preserves the dynamics of your sound.

  1. The drive slider saturates the audio, making it sound fuller and heavier.
  2. The fuzz slider add high frequency "fuzz" to the sound.
  3. The color slider emphasizes certain frequencies before distortion takes place.
  4. The mix slider mixes the dry signal with the distorted one.
  5. The stereo turbo knob adds stereo width by delaying the left or right channel slightly.
  6. The input VU shows the amplitude of the incoming signal in stereo.
  7. The output VU shows the amplitude of the outgoing signal in stereo.

Operating the controls

Faturator is controlled by the knobs and the sliders seen in the UI. To move a knob or slider simply click on it, and while holding the mouse button down move the mouse up or down.

Sometimes you might want more precise control when tuning a parameter. Hold the shift key while moving a knob or slider to enter fine tuning mode, where the knob or slider will move more slowly.

You can reset a knob to its default position by double clicking it.

Finally, most controls support entering the value using your keyboard by right-clicking on them.

Snapin mode

Snapin Mode

Faturator can also be loaded as a Snapin in Snapin hosts like Snap Heap, Multipass or Phase Plant.

In Snapin mode, there is a small downwards arrow visible in the top right corner when your mouse cursor is over the plugin. Click it to reveal a preset information row. At the top, up/down arrows can be used to scan through presets and a full browser can be opened by clicking the preset name.