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Download and Installation


We strive to simplify and streamline the installation process in order to avoid the most common issues people often have when installing plugins onto their computers.

If you encounter any problems at any point during the process, don't hesitate to contact and we will help you out!

License Delivery

License EmailThere are several ways of acquiring licenses for Kilohearts plugins, but either way you will get an email with all the licenses in your account, sorted chronologically by the date they were created. This means your newest licenses will be at the bottom of the list. But don't worry too much about the serial numbers, you should never need them.

The email will have personalized installer download links at the top. You should always use those installers if possible to get the smoothest experience. If you do, your installer will automatically authenticate your machine on the first run and then always remember who you are. No need to copy/paste any license keys.

It may happen that you can't find your license email immediately after your purchase and there are several possible reasons for this. These are the most common ones:

Your email was caught in your Spam, or Trash, folders. Double check there.
Are you using Gmail? It's surprisingly common that Gmail users have inbox filters set up that they don't know about that make some emails "skip the inbox". Try searching in Gmail for "Kilohearts". You might be surprised!
On very rare occations your order might be caught in the automated fraud detection system that our payment partner Veriphone use. When this happens your order might get delayed indefinitely or even cancelled. Please reach out to if you suspect this is happening.
Your order was delayed because international banking can sometimes take a bit of time. Normal order processing times are typically a couple of seconds, but occationally it takes several minutes. Wait a minimum of 30 minutes to get your email before contacting

Download the Installer

All Kilohearts plugins are downloaded using the Kilohearts Installer. It will help you handle installation, updates, downgrades, and unistallation as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Whenever you buy or demo a Kilohearts plugin you will get an email with a personalized installer download link. You should always use those installers if possible to get the smoothest experience.

If, for some reason, you don't have a personalized installer available use the download links below. They function the same way, but if your computers hasn't been authorized previously you will need to do so on the first run. More on that in the Installation section.

The installer itself is pretty small in terms of file size, and it self-updates as needed on startup.

The installer will install the plugins (~45 MB download) and all the factory content for them (~750 MB download). It will also install any additional content banks that you might have access to.

The installer will create a folder where most of the required files will be placed:

Mac:/Library/Application Support/Kilohearts

On Windows, ProgramData is a hidden folder, so make sure you enable see hidden files in your file browser.

Depending on which plugin formats you selected for installation, files may be placed in other locations as well so that your DAW can find them.


The first time you run the Kilohearts Installer you will need to go through a few extra steps to set everything up correctly.

Accept the EULA


Like most software companies Kilohearts requires you to accept a EULA (End-User License Agreement) in order to use the software. You only need to do this once per machine you are installing on.

Plugin Formats

Plugin formats

Depending on your preferred DAW, you will want to install different plugin format standards. Make sure that you select the appropriate format for your DAW on this screen. If you make a mistake, or want to change your preferences later on you can access this screen again by clicking the cog icon on the top right of the installer.

Authenticate Machine (rarely needed)

Authenticate machine

In order to make your installation process as simple as possible Kilohearts imprints an authentication code into your installer file, provided you downloaded it via the links in your license email. If that all worked as intended you will automatically skip this step.

If you are running the anonymous installer for the first time on a machine it will ask you to prove which Kilohearts account is yours, so it can fetch all your licenses. You can do this in two ways.

Type the email address for your Kilohearts account, then wait for a verification email with a link to continue the installation process.
Paste any single one license from your license email and you will be instantly authenticated.

Choose and Install

Select plugins

Kilohearts offer a lot of plugins and Content Banks. Any ones you own (including all the free ones in the Essentials category) will be pre-checked for installation. You can select/deselect plugins as desired before hitting Install.

Installation is usually quick, but some plugins require additional downloads of factory contents, like samples and wavetables. Depending on your internet connection your installation may take several minutes.

Downloading additional files


Installation complete

Once all the plugins are installed you can safely exits the installer and start your DAW, which in turn will scan your watched folders for any new plugins and find all the Kilohearts plugins.

If there were any issues during installation they will be displayed in a list at the bottom of the installer screen.

Additional Features

The Kilohearts Installer can be used to trial plugins, uninstall plugins, or change plugin formats. And the little "?" at the top right will display the contents of the logs kept on file for debugging. If you ever come up on a problem, they might be useful to our support staff.

If you ever change your Kilohearts account you will need to authenticate the new account in your installer. Easiest way to do that it the tab Enter Licenses and paste any single license from the new account. Voilà! You are now authenticated with both accounts.

Plugin Versions

Plugin versions

All Kilohearts plugins share most of their code in a single file, so if you upgrade one plugin you update all of them.

Upgrading your plugins to a new version is a manual process where you need to click the Update tab and find the version you wish to upgrade to. You can even find beta versions of new features if you check the Show preview versions checkbox.

And if something strange is going on you can even downgrade to older versions.


A great catch-all trick is to perform a Clean reinstall, even if you encountered the issues right away after installing for the first time. Read up on that in the Trouble Shooting section of our FAQ.

If that didn't do it, please contact and we'll do our best to help you out!

Discontinued Products


kHs ONE has been discontinued and is no longer available through the regular Kilohearts Installer. The installer for the very last version of kHs ONE is available below. Please note that kHs ONE is not available in the VST3 format.