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Cybergrime (Get Away) original Kilohearts song

{"ops":[{"insert":"It's lonely out in space. And dirty. Have you seen all those grimy, dusty, rusting spaceports they have in the future? We have. It's not pretty.\nBut the "},{"attributes":{"link":""},"insert":"soundtrack"},{"insert":"'s amazing. Technology has advanced to the point that you can modulate the mix value of "},{"attributes":{"link":""},"insert":"Faturator"},{"insert":" with the signal's own amplitude, using the envelope follower in "},{"attributes":{"link":""},"insert":"Snap Heap"},{"insert":". Or you can use "},{"attributes":{"link":""},"insert":"Ladder Filter"},{"insert":" as an ultra-tremolo with "},{"attributes":{"link":""},"insert":"Phaser"},{"insert":" blasting obstructions out of the core of your mix. These \"tomorrow people\" have got things like hard-clip and quantize "},{"attributes":{"link":""},"insert":"Distortion"},{"insert":" algorithms on their tom-toms for Pete's sake. You can even reverse polarity on the dilithium crystals and make the quantum leap to battle a Vogon hyperspace convoy.\nOk, that last thing was nonsense. But the rest is true. And it's all on sale right now. Our Cybergrime campaign (which runs until February 5th 2021, Midnight CET) offers 50% off Faturator, Ladder Filter, Distortion, and Phaser, bought separately or together.\nInspired by all this, George got together with some talented friends, HybridMP, and Siri, to make "},{"attributes":{"link":""},"insert":"this track"},{"insert":" – with flavours of UK Grime and Space Oddity-style psychedelia – demonstrating the power of the Kilohearts range.\nThe video below is a pretty thorough breakdown of that mix. See if it gives you any new ideas. Then blast off and make some interplanetary bangers of your own.\n"}]}
{"ops":[{"insert":"Check out Faturator, Phaser, Ladder Filter, and Distortion, all of which feature prominently in the song.\n"}]}

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