Our Black Friday Sale is Now On

Our biggest sale of the year has begun. Time to save!

That time of year has come around once again when it is traditional for plugin manufacturers to don their generosity-hats and drop their prices as low as they dare... and who are we to abstain from this noble custom?

So here it is. Our biggest sale of the year. Until the 1st of December you can get the following deals.

If you already own any of our premium plugins or hosts then make sure you log in to check your discounted upgrade offer to Kilohearts Ultimate.

Have a Happy Black Friday Season!

The Kilohearts Black Friday Sale 2022 is on NOW and ends at midnight CET on the 1st of December. Promotional discounts cannot be combined with coupons or vouchers. Products already owned may contribute to further reductions in upgrade prices.

Kilohearts Press Team Friday, November 18, 2022

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